For the King of All Comes in Triumph!!

Look at the Angel.  He just slays me with his eye contact.  When you see this in person (it is in the Art Institute of Chicago), the effect is ten times stronger.

And now, as has become tradition, what has become quite possibly my single favorite piece of music ever, Bortniansky’s Cherubic Hymn Number Seven.

Apparently, thanks to Frank Walker over at, a good guy and indisputably the hardest worker (and pretty much without financial compensation) in the so-called “Trad Catholic Internet”, there is the misconception, thanks to an offhand remark I made in Episode #080 of the Barnhardt Podcast, that I want to be the queen of France.  No, no.  After consultation, I have settled my aspirations on being “Grand Duchess of Etruscany and Latium”.  France already has a king – Louis XX, Louis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou.  His Queen consort is a Venezuelan (how appropriate), Maria Margarita Vargas Santaella.  The Dauphin is their son Louis.

Given that the Medici are extinct, and that all sane people agree that Rome should be administered, from a distance, by a Catholic with German blood, and thus with organizational skills, I would take the title, if offered.  And once per week, at my daily Court Mass (Roman Rite) which would be live-streamed, Bortniansky’s Cherubic Hymn Number Seven would be sung during the Offertory by the finest choir ever assembled (almost certainly Estonian).  And any there present that did not weep copious, pious tears would be flagellated with over-cooked tagliatelle, which they would then be forced to eat.  Without sauce.  Only a little bit of olive oil.  And maybe a bit of pecorino.  We are not a monster, after all.

Now returning to the serious from the land of hearty satire, here is Bortniansky’s Cherubic Hymn Number Seven, with English translation of the lyrics included in the video.

All we that in mystery
Holy Cherubim portray
As the life-creating Trinity
With thrice-holy hymn we adore and praise.
Come, let us cast off all earthly care
And forget every vain employ.

For the King of All comes in triumph
By unseen hosts of angels brought
To us that bid Him welcome.
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

And a blessed, blessed Easter to all.  Christ is truly risen!  Alleluia!!!

Here is an Estonian choir performance:

And here is the SOVIET Academic Choir version.  Yes, even the Soviets were insistent upon maintaining this choral tradition.  Stop and think about that relative to our situation today.

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