Black, on the Down Low, Dumb, Protege of a Known Satanist and an Arch-heretic. Perfect!

Wilton Gregory was a protege of the sodomite satanist Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, and Bernardin consecrated Gregory a Bishop at the age of THIRTY-FIVE on Halloween of ARSH 1983, and then kept him snuggled up real close in Chicago.

Make absolutely no mistake. Putting this token imbecile heretic on the dizzy-lizzy with intimate connections to known satanists, in Washington D.C. (which Donna Guerl will still be totally running) is a giant spittle-flecked flailing scratch to the face by the Bergoglian sodo-coven.

Nighty-night Baby Tobin is cursing racial quotas right about now, methinks.

Look for Gregory to quietly move Donna Guerl right back into his old eight-figure penthouse downtown. Poor Donna has had to slum in the $2.5 million mansion in the ‘burbs since his McCarrick-induced “fake demotion”. I’m sure George Neumayr will keep us posted.

Known satanist Joseph Bernardin consecrating Wilton Daniel Gregory a Bishop on Halloween of ARSH 1983

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.