It’s All the Same: How the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tactic Is Essentially the Same As the “Demythologization” Tactic Against the Papacy

I’ve been screeching for a decade now about how politics is pretty much Kabuki theater, and thus I just can’t see wasting my time (and yours) trying to parse as legitimate something which clearly isn’t.  BUT, I did watch with interest the AOC video that so many folks sent to me, and yes, I think it is an accurate description of what the “next-level” plan is – installing completely expendable, completely inept, completely controllable “facade” candidates (generally based on affirmative action/quotas/the victim group du jour) like AOC, that are rotated QUICKLY into and out of office, while the controlling entity never changes.  I think the days of the grifters like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Charlie Rangel, John Conyers, and John Boehner squatting in Congress for decades are over.  Yes, I think we are seeing a paradigm shift from the days of the VISIBLE criminal political class to the INVISIBLE.

Then, last night, it occurred to me that this is the same thing as the Freemasonic agenda of “demythologization” that we have talked about with regards to the Papacy.  The plan with the whole (doomed to failure) attempt to completely dissolve the Papacy qua Monarchy and turn it into a quick-rotating succession of meaningless figureheads (via the normalization and EXPECTATION of resignation) is almost exactly the same as the AOC paradigm.  Antipope Bergoglio is an idiot that was hand-picked by the Sankt Gallen Mafia (the equivalent to the “Justice Democrats” mafia described in the AOC video) to be the usurper because he was “Latin American”.  That was Antipope Bergoglio’s “affirmative action” qualification.  But I think that even Antipope Bergoglio is too “independent” for the real power players.  I think someone more to their liking, if they aren’t stopped and they get another invalid conclave and another Antipope, will be this guy, the AOC of the College of Cardinals, Luis Antonio Tagle:

He’s dumb, a heretic, and BROWN. But not… too brown.  “Piano, piano,” as they say in Rome.

With regards to the whole notion of AOC being essentially “cast” in the part of “Congressman” via a literal casting call that was done in ARSH 2016, a very similar thing is happening with the College of Cardinals by the Bergoglian/Sankt Gallen regime.  They are elevating a lot of BROWN PEOPLE from tiny backwater dioceses, sometimes dioceses with only a FEW THOUSAND Catholics, and oftentimes the bishops that are elevated happily admit that they are completely unqualified to be made Cardinals, have no clue about the working of the Curia, and have no idea why they were elevated.  The reason they are elevated has exactly zero to do with “going to the peripheries” but rather because they fit some “affirmative action quota”, and will be controllable and zero threat to the Vatican Mafia that is actually running the show.

I suspect the long-term Freemasonic plan (doomed to failure) is to settle into a paradigm wherein a new “AOC Pope” is trotted out every five years or so, and then “resigns” in a blaze of dazzling, dazzling “humility”.  The net effect, as articulated in the AOC video above, is that EXACTLY the same small synod of invisible tyrants – some churchmen, and some laymen – maintain uninterrupted iron-fisted control in perpetuity.  And, as an added bonus, if they ever need to offer up a victim upon the altar of public relations, well, they always have a meaningless figurehead “AOC Pope” to burn, with a line of potential replacements waiting in the wings.

I think this is the plan – doomed to failure.

Think long and hard, Americans, about why it was that we were all so stridently indoctrinated against Monarchy.  Ask yourself why the project of Freemasonry, from its conception in the early 1700s, has been the elimination of ALL MONARCHIES from the face of the Earth with the Papacy being the explicit ultimate target.  Ask yourself why, exactly, Our Blessed Lord established the Papacy as a Monarchy – and not just a Monarchy, but a Monarchy that enjoys, completely uniquely in all the universe, SUPERNATURAL PROTECTION.  Think long and hard about who, exactly, would want to convince even THE ELECT to stridently embrace the Freemasonic “DEMYTHOLOGIZATION OF THE PAPACY” agenda, raging EVERY DAY that the Papacy “clearly isn’t what we all thought it was”, and that Antipope Bergoglio is the “proof” of that.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux, PRAY FOR US!
Blessed Emperor Charles and Zita, PRAY FOR US!

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