Papal Nuncio to the United Nations Archbishop Chullikatt, Exposed in Crux as a Psychopath, Also Kept a Mistress


After I posted the link to the Crux story exposing the slave-driving of illegal alien workers by Papal Nuncio Archbishop Chullikatt, a former Mission staff member who spoke with the Crux reporter emailed in.

There was a mistress. Crux knows all about it but those with best knowledge of it wouldn’t go on record. Chullikatt accidentally sent several texts intended for the mistress to Mission staff, including at least one nun and one priest. I never focused that that because I knew the Vatican wouldn’t care. One of the priests is going to try to get a separate story published on that next week.

Let us not forget that Diabolical Narcissism doesn’t always mean HOMOSEXUAL.  There is plenty of sexual sin that is 100% heterosexual, and plenty of Diabolical Narcissists who are 100% straight.  In fact, in absolute terms, of course there is far more sin committed against the Sixth Commandment that is heterosexual in nature than any other type.  While it SEEMS that sex perverts outnumber non-perverts, that isn’t the case.  On a percentage basis, sexual perversion is still low – but it is growing exponentially as Diabolical Narcissism explodes, especially amongst the young.

It was pointed out to me recently, I think by a priest if memory serves, that when a priest engages in ANY form of fornication or sodomy, that the act is, by definition, INCESTUOUS, because the Priest is a spiritual father to his flock, men, women and children alike.  So, a priest, like +Chullikatt, when he carries on with a woman, is not only committing the sin of fornication, not only committing the sin of adultery because the priest is espoused to The Church, not only committing the sin of sacrilege, but also the sin of spiritual incest.

Consider now the state of a cleric or prelate who is committing these sins against chastity, and how incredibly grave these sins are, and these priests then OFFER THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS WHILE IN THIS STATE.  Their sin does NOT invalidate the Mass one bit – but can you imagine what it does to their souls?  Can you imagine what it does to their intellects, how darkened and convoluted they must be?

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.