Methodist on the Brink of Entering the One True Church Weighs In: Going To Mass and Doing What You Are Supposed To Do IS Evangelization


SuperNerd’s comment about how to evangelize really spoke to me and I’ve been meaning to write you about something. I am a TLM attending protestant, technically Methodist, who has been thinking of converting. Actually, I’ve already made my decision, but my spouse is vigorously opposed, so if you can pray for us that might help! (We and Tiny Princess are on it! -AB)

I’m not in the Church at present. I’ve followed you since the Rush Limbaugh on air reading (BTW, I have a suspicion Rush is still following you, too).

I was attending Mass over Christmas and one of the things that is always on my mind was bothering me on this particular night, as well. How in the world am I going to raise my family, if I can ever get them in the Church, in the Traditional Latin Mass? It took me months to figure out what was going on with the Missal, etc. Now I’m pretty comfortable, but I’ve been going to Mass alone so I’ve not had to explain this to my kids (6,4, and 2) and I simply could not imagine how “hard” it’s going to be to raise them in the TLM. We’re used to the ease of protestant church. My spouse thinks I’m nuts. 

So, I’m sitting there at Mass and a family comes in. They have enough kids to take up two pews, so they deal with way more hassle than I do with three kids. In one of the pews are their teenage kids who end up sitting behind me. For the entire Mass this 15-16 year old girl sits behind me and sings every prayer, every response, every thing she is supposed to during the entire Mass (in Latin!). She is not a trained singer, but she hits the notes with the choir perfectly and I could not help but think an angel was sitting behind me, helping me along. She has NO IDEA of the evangelization/ministry/answering of prayer she is doing in that moment. None. She is simply “doing what she is supposed to be doing.” I wept. I figure if this kid can sing all the prayers, my kids can, too. When we were walking out of the Church I leaned over and said, “Thank you for your good singing.” This girl was so happy you’d think I was giving her a Grammy award. She literally beamed.

Doing what you are supposed to do” is ministry. It is evangelization. Everyone thinks they are supposed to be “famous” as in the next Scott Hahn or something.

Seriously, just go to Mass, live a holy life, and you will be sharing your faith.

SuperNerd’s witness is incredible. Yours is too. You guys aren’t “famous” in the earthly sense, but you are doing more good than you realize, but even sitting in your pew and singing is “doing something.”

Yours in Christ,


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