Don’t Worry About Ol’ “Rhinoceros Skin” Barnhardt – A Call for Priests to Offer Mass for Two People

First, let me thank one and all for your kind words of support, and for those concerned readers who saw the jaw-dropping calumnies that were accidentally publicly posted on a highly trafficked Facebook page, and sent in the text and screenshots before they deleted it.  I appreciate your concern for me, and for your discretion.

Let me just interject at this point a plea to one and all to GET OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever the latest and greatest social media fad is, GET OFF OF IT.  That stuff is all toxic, and the demons prowl it and use it against us. It tempts people to narcissism, wrath, envy, pride, lewdness – you name it.

Having said that, there are two main points.  First, if something like this HAS to happen, then I thank God that it was me that was calumniated.  I’ve always had thick skin, but over the past few years, as you can probably imagine, I have developed Rhinoceros-grade epidermis. (Always remember to moisturize!)  Stuff like this doesn’t disturb my peace in the least.  If it has to be someone, let it be me, because I can take it.

Secondly, since entering the Church, I have learned that whenever Our Lord REALLY wants Masses said for someone, one of the best ways to guarantee that will happen is to have them commit some kind of sin against me personally.  So, the guy who stole my wallet several years ago: Mass said for him within days.  The woman who squatted in one of my rental properties in Denver for years: Masses said for her. The men who broke into my house two years ago: Mass said for them within days.  The one and only bad client I ever had in my brokerage firm: Masses said for him every so often. And so with this situation.

Therefore I would like to put the call out to as many priests as are willing to please offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass/Divine Liturgy for the Salvation of the Souls and eventual Achievement of the Beatific Vision of two specific persons. It isn’t even necessary to let me know.  Just do it, whenever you have an open slot on your Mass intention calendar.  Please enjoin their patron saints and guardian angels.

One Mass offered for a person while they are still alive is orders of magnitude more powerful and beneficial than those offered for a person already in Purgatory.

The Divine Providence is truly amazing.  He can take something horrible like this, and turn it into a powerful conduit of grace, such that we can all look back and say, “Wow, thank God THAT happened!”  Count it all joy, as the Good Book says.

(Per counsel received, I have removed the names of the two persons.)

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