Antipope Bergoglio Declares Himself to Be More Merciful than God, and Tees Up the Coup de Grace: the Ratification of SODOMY

But remember folks, you may NOT draw any conclusions from this, and if you do you are a schismatic, and also insane. </sarcasm>

Here is Diane Montagna’s blockbuster piece over at LifeSite.

Make no mistake, this death penalty (and also life imprisonment!) stuff is merely a recon sortie, preparing for the actual final attack: the ratification of sodomy. Mark my words. That is the endgame, and has been all along. Exactly the same tropes that Antipope Bergoglio is using here will be used to ratify sodomy: “FrancisMercy”, “inhuman legalism”, the “error” of every saint, Pope and Scripture going back to the Pentateuch, “harmonious development of doctrine”.

Antipope Bergoglio doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about the death penalty. To wit: CHINA. It is just a stepping stone to the goal: declaring sodomy morally neutral at worst, and “God’s will” for some people. Remember, he told the Chilean sex abuse victim that God “made you this way and loves you just as you are.”

Maybe THIS will wake a few more people up. Fast and pray!

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