Wherein Ann Turns the Other Cheek

I have the full letter, with the name and parish of the priest, which I won’t print here because I don’t want any nastiness.  But I know there are quite a few of you out there who know Father, and I would ask you to pass this along to him:

Father, you are mistaken, and I can understand how that is possible.  Remember, St. Vincent Ferrer was mistaken and backed an antipope for a time – and was so holy that he continued to perform miracles even while he was commemorating the wrong man at the Te Igitur.  You yourself perform a miracle every time you consecrate the Host and Chalice, or raise the dead to life in the confessional.

I also understand better than you can imagine how you must be frightened for the future of the Ecclesia Dei communities and Masses.  Believe me.  I know.

If you ever want to apologize for publicly painting me, and those who have come to the same conclusion that I have, as “bordering on insanity” – a truly grave accusation: to say that I am isolated and alone in the universe, being cut off from reality and rationality, and thus from God Himself Who IS Reality and Who IS Rationality – you will be forgiven faster than the time it takes for the email to traverse the internet.

Be assured of my prayers,

Ann Barnhardt

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