Momentum Continues to Build: LifeSite News Covers Msgr. Bux’s Call for Inquiry Into Validity of Pope Benedict’s Attempted Partial Abdication

Edward Pentin’s personal blog seems to be blocked by Google and Google’s browser, Chrome. Imagine that.

LifeSite News has published Pentin’s reportage of respected Vatican theologian and liturgist Msgr. Nicola Bux’s call for an investigation into the validity of Pope Benedict’s attempted partial abdication HERE.

Hopefully this gets picked up by the AP or Reuters. Breitbart almost certainly won’t report on it because Breitbart’s “Rome correspondent” is the uber-scandalous sacrilegious fornicator and student predator, ex-Father Thomas Williams (Legionaries of Christ) who is fully on-board with the Bergoglio mafia and, I have been told, has serious aspirations to being rehabilitated to the priesthood and made a Curial bishop by Antipope Bergoglio – a model of the “new, modern, married FrancisAntiChurch priest/bishop.”

Remember, it was Steve Bannon who hired the psychopath priest, Thomas Williams into the Breitbart organization when Fr. Williams was desperately scrambling to abandon his priesthood in order to avoid having the dossier on his affairs, illegitimate child, and most especially his countless sexual affairs and trysts with HIS STUDENTS at the Pontifical Legion of Christ Sex Cult University in Rome of which he was the dean of MORAL THEOLOGY, exposed. Williams also needed a pay package that would allow him to maintain the decadent lifestyle to which he and his gutter slag baby-mama Liz Lev were so very, very accustomed to as the top-dog and top-bitch in the Rome Legion of Christ/Zenit/Vatican Museums $30 billion mafia. These kind, they congeal together, like scum floating atop dirty dishwater.

But bravo to John-Henry Westen and the Jalsevacs for picking up the story over at LifeSite.

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