Sodomite Antipope Bergoglio Forbids U.S. Bishops From Making Even the APPEARANCE of Acting Against the Sodomitical Assault of Young Men and Lads

As I have desperately tried to explain, Diabolical Narcissist psychopaths get their greatest rush of satisfaction and sense of power from committing heinous crimes openly, and then watching the world let them get away with it.

Antipope Bergoglio, no longer getting a sufficient rush from trying to rape and murder The Bride of Christ with ZERO real pushback, is now moving on to demanding that the bishops become open cooperators by silence in the sodomitical assault and rape of young men and lads.  And they will go along with this in silence, and Antipope Bergoglio’s faggot insiders, namely the odious faggot Blase Cupich, are actively praising him for it.  You can’t make this stuff up, folks.


Washington Post reportage on Antipope Bergoglio today forbidding the bishops to act in any way against sodomite rapists HERE.


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