Idea: Use Callista Gingrich’s Twitter Account as a Link Aggregation Platform

You all remember my contempt for the homewrecking sleazebag Callista Gingrich who is now U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See  – a luxury post given to Newt Gingrich in exchange for his public support of Trump.

Callista Gingrich has a Twitter account @CallyGingrich , upon which she posts selfies of her luxury meals (oftentimes with some of the most odious grifter scum oozing about the surface of this planet) and globe-trotting luxury vacations, ALL ON THE TAXPAYER DIME, while saying NOT ONE WORD about, you know, Cardinals ass-raping boys and lads, the fact that the D.C. Basilica is a bathhouse, the total sell-out of the Chinese Church.  Nope.  Just selfies and food porn.

Well, I have an idea.  I don’t use the Twitter anymore – I quit years ago when they first started censoring people.  But, I know many of you still do.  My idea is this, let’s all use Callista Gingrich’s Twitter feed as a Twitter aggregator.  Post all newsworthy Tweet links as replies under every one of @CallyGingrich ‘s tweets.  All the George Neumayr stuff, all the Rod Dreher stuff, all the Viganò links.  All news Tweets about the corruption and sodomy coven – just put it all on @CallyGingrich ‘s account.  And then, of course, feel free to comment.  And, in the spirit of dialogue, feel free to ask Madame Ambassador HER THOUGHTS on the cult of homosexual predation and massive financial corruption that she is completely, happily immersed in.

Make @CallyGingrich ‘s Twitter account a place of true encounter and dialogue.

Adorable… like bishop-on-seminarian sodomitical assault adorable.


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.