The Final Sodomite Frontier: Age of Consent Laws

Please note that the two main defenses that the sodomites and the Lavender Mafia have used so far are:

A. “Priestly Celibacy and Chastity makes completely normal, healthy men want to ass-rape hot Twink boys.  Abolish priestly celibacy and chastity!”

and then…

B.  “Forcing sodomite priests and bishops and cardinals and antipopes to stay in the closet causes them to want to ass-rape hot Twink boys.  Abolish all prohibitions on sodomy! Let gay priests come out and live in authentic engagement with their own completely normal sexuality!”

and now the Final Frontier….

C.  “Orally raping and ass-raping seminarians is TOTALLY LEGAL! They are above the age of consent!  No crimes have been committed, so what’s the problem?  This is just a homophobic witch hunt!  The problem is these completely unreasonable age of consent laws set at age eighteen.  All sane, enlightened people know that eleven year olds are old enough to consent to manual, oral and anal sodomy- hell, they’re the ones doing the seducing!  Lower the age of consent to eleven! Free McCarrick!”

This is why sodomy – ALL SODOMY – must be re-criminalized in accord with Natural, Divine, and up until just a few years ago, Canon and Civil Law.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.