MAILBAG: Family and Parish Victimized By Sodomite Trad Liturgical Fetishist in North America

Hi Ann,

I read your recent post about “wolves in jacquard and lace,” the one concerning liturgical fetishists and their insidious positions in many churches. I was struck dumb reading your post because we have dealt with the same thing in our parish. We had a friend, “G”, whom we had known for years. He had always been a strong proponent of the traditional, “real” Catholic faith, and he was what we can now identify as a “liturgical fetishist”.

We asked G to be the godfather of our youngest son 3 years ago, at which time he told us he was “gay”. My husband and I were assured he was not acting on it, in therapy, not using pornography, etc., so at the time we thought (foolishly) that it was no big deal. We appreciated being told though. Fast forward to 2 years ago, where it was uncovered that “G” was still frequently viewing gay pornography. We were shocked and disgusted.  Soon thereafter he was hired as a youth ministry worker at our church, and all the parents, many of the students, loved him and thought he was so strong in his faith.

Over the subsequent months, through various chains of communication, many horrible things were revealed:

  1. that he was still using gay pornography
  2. that he was attracted to the early teen boys in the youth group
  3. that he was very tempted by going on retreats with the kids
  4. that he inappropriately touched a boy we know and developed an unnaturally close relationship with him
  5. that he engaged in peeping tom activities in the shower
  6. that he had secretly taken pictures of his male friends while at a retreat
  7. that he was teaching heretical things to the kids in confirmation class

Thank God, we informed our pastor and G was fired. We have cut him off and no longer feel safe having him around our children. He had always been weirdly touchy and uncomfortable, and now we are glad to not have to deal with him anymore.

I thought you were wrong when you said “all homosexuals without exception are a clear and present danger to children, and if they haven’t abused a child yet, just give them time.” It truly is the nature of the male sodomite perversion to seek out unnatural intimacy with younger boys. Someone with no impulse control cannot be trusted.

I did think it was interesting though, that G fits the liturgical fetishist profile you describe.  Anyways, just sharing our awful piece of the pie.


A Wised Up Trad Mom

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