#TOLDYA – Called It Two Years Ago: EVERY Bishop on earth COULD be removed for having child abusers in his diocese

(This was originally penned and posted on 6 July, ARSH 2016.  I am reposting this, along with its companion piece because Rod Dreher has given a heads-up that he has some incredibly bad news coming out of the most “conservative” and Trad-friendly” diocese in the U.S. – Lincoln, NE.  Brace yourselves, folks.)

Only days removed from saying that he really, really doesn’t enjoy beheading his “archconservative” enemies, Antipope Bergoglio today fired a young, healthy, pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage conservative archbishop in Brazil, Archbishop Aldo di Cillo Pagotto, who also has been an outspoken anti-Communist.

But wait! Before we all go crazy, it is absolutely essential to know that there were problems in this archdiocese with sodomite priests and seminarians, including the abuse of minors (read “teenaged boys”).  This is what is being cited as the reason for the firing of this archbishop.

Given this, I feel it is an opportune moment to explain several things to you all out there, so that there is a genuine comprehension of the chessboard as it now sets, and of the gameplan and tactics of the enemy.  It isn’t difficult to comprehend, but it is one of those things that needs to be clearly explained in order to be easily understood.

First, it is essential to state that any tolerance of aberrosexuals within the clergy and seminaries is, of course, a horrible malfeasance on the part of the bishop which should warrant drastic action, up to and including the bishop’s removal. Yes. Absolutely. No question.

HOWEVER, literally every diocese and archdiocese on the planet has sodomites and aberrosexuals who have infiltrated or are trying to infiltrate The Church, some of them are already ordained, and some are still in seminary.  EVERY DIOCESE AND ARCHDIOCESE HAS SODOMITE INFILTRATION.

So, if you think about this, what it means is that Antipope Bergoglio and his henchmen can use the UNIVERSALLY PRESENT PRETEXT OF SODOMITE INFILTRATION to justify the firing of ANY BISHOP.

Do you see this?  This is EXACTLY what has been going on for the past 3 years.  Bergoglio surrounds himself, and in fact was installed as Antipope by a cadre of flagrant, horrific sodomites, including protectors of incestuous child rapists, Card. Gottfried Daneels first among them.  Bergoglio caused enormous outrage in Chile just last spring – outrage which the media has refused to publicize – by appointing the odious sodomite Juan Barros as Archbishop of Osorno.  Barros is neck-deep in a massive ongoing investigation of child rape, in which Barros is repeatedly and credibly reported to not only have covered-up for his child-raping priest buddies, but to have actually, physically observed some of the child rapes as an, ahem,  enthusiastic spectator.

Bergoglio immediately installed one Msgr. Battista Ricca as the head of his residence (Casa Santa Marta) AND as the overseer of… wait for it… the Vatican Bank, a position for which the odious sodomite Ricca had exactly zero qualification, experience or competence.  Ricca was well-known to Bergoglio from South America.  Ricca was a Vatican diplomat posted in Montevideo, Uruguay, just across the bay from Buenos Aires, and Ricca was a flagrant, notorious and scandalous presence, shacking up and carrying on OPENLY with his sodomite sex partner – a former Swiss Guard named Patrick Haari.  Further, Ricca was caught in flagrante delicto in an elevator with a boy child prostitute in Montevideo, and got the crap beat out of him at least once cruising for sex in a public park notorious for such evil activity.  The people of Montevideo were so outraged that they rose up and demanded Ricca’s expulsion, whereupon Ricca was sent back to Rome, to resume his place in the Vatican Bathhouse. Ricca and Haari’s luggage was initially sent by Haari to the Vatican as diplomatic baggage – and the Vatican refused delivery.  This luggage, when later found and opened, was found to contain a pistol, enormous quantities of sodomite pornography, and dozens of condoms.

When Bergoglio was installed, he reunited with his old neighbor, and Ricca was instantly made a de facto prince(ss). Why? Because Bergoglio is all about power and loyalty to his regime, and as a diabolical narcissist and fairly unintelligent man, is highly, highly susceptible to flattery and outward displays of loyalty.  Ricca, as is true with most sodomite men, most especially those of the queeny variety, can be sickening, shameless flatterers.  Sodomites also tend to be of above-average intelligence.  I can almost promise you that the cadre of sodomites that Bergoglio surrounds himself with are considered by Bergoglio to be “smart”, “witty” and “intelligent” – and thus Bergoglio derives tremendous narcissistic satisfaction from “holding court” around the dining table in the back corner of the dining hall at Casa Santa Marta and being flattered and told how “brilliant” he is by these sodomites. And so, Bergoglio is happy to surround and ally himself with them, even though I strongly suspect that Bergoglio himself is not a sodomite.  Bergoglio just doesn’t ping my gaydar. (After having received new info, I have changed my mind – I think Bergoglio IS a sodomite. -AB)

"Do you think I'm smart, Battista?"

“Do you think I’m smart, Battista?”  — “Yes, dear. We ALL do. And, darling, you’re the only one with the humility and ambition to do this….”

Meanwhile, conservative bishops, such as Bishop Finn, formerly of St. Joseph, Missouri, and Archbishop John Nienstedt, formerly of Minneapolis/St. Paul, are fired.  Look folks, this is really easy to understand.  The Enemy has infiltrated the Church with so many sodomites over the past 50+ years that they are present in every diocese and archdiocese.  Further, sodomite men are almost always attracted to TEENAGED BOYS, which are legally children.  Thus, what you have is a situation whereby EVERY BISHOP could be removed for having priests in his diocese that are guilty of misconduct with minor children and/or seminarians.  And so, Antipope Bergoglio uses this satanic set-up to prosecute his ideological agenda.

Now stop and sit in stillness with that until the full, demonic evil of it sets in.  Antipope Bergoglio is using the sexual abuse of minor children and seminarians as the means to SELECTIVELY PURGE, THAT IS, “BEHEAD”, HIS IDEOLOGICAL ENEMIES. Since the sodomite infiltration is everywhere, his simply goes after bishops who are “conservative”, “orthodox”, and/or “anti-Marxist” and leaves totally unmolested (NPI) his ideological fellow-travelers, no matter how horrific and egregious their crimes.

So back to the Archbishop in Brazil that Antipope Bergoglio fired today.  Not only has this man been a strong voice against the Culture of Death, a signatory of the Filial Appeal to “Pope Francis” on the Future of the Family, friendly toward priests and faithful who celebrate and attend the Tridentine Mass, but also an outspoken… wait for it… ANTI-COMMUNIST in Brazil. Well, no wonder.  This guy has had a bullseye on his back, and even willingly made himself a target by signing documents specifically critical of the Bergoglian agenda and contrary to Bergoglio’s Marxist political ideology.  Remember this?


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