Behold Psychopathy: Inveterate, Facile, Remorseless Lying

This came across the transom, and I think it is important to post things like this, especially now in the throes of the #CatholicMeToo phenomenon, because biggest tactical advantage that Diabolical Narcissists of all degrees of severity, including sociopaths and psychopaths, have is the natural disposition of morally sane people to assume that people are telling the truth.  People still struggle mightily with coming to grips with the fact that priests, much less bishops and cardinals, would ever be remoreseless, conscienceless, shameless liars.

Well, here is another clip that I had never seen of the deplorable “conservative” Catholic priest, Fr. Thomas Williams, back in ARSH 2008 hawking his flesh-crawlingly titled book “Knowing Right from Wrong: A Christian Guide to Conscience” on the CBS Early Show.  Now, bear in mind, when this was recorded, Fr. Williams was openly carrying on a sexual affair with his baby mama, Liz Lev, AND was openly carrying on sexual affairs with his STUDENTS at Regina Apostulorum, the Legion of Christ’s university in Rome, while he was the dean of the department of moral theology there.

Remember, as we covered in my video presentation on Diabolical Narcissism, these people tend to be VERY charming, high-functioning and persuasive.  Guys, the whole notion of arch-criminals being moustache-twirling Bond Villians HAS to be dropped.  Wise up.  These monsters make it their business to BLEND IN.  They study normal human comportment, and then copy it.  Everything about these people is pure deception. They are basically a giant, walking incarnated lie.  This is why 1 Corinthians 13: 5 refers to these monsters, willingly self-purged of charity, as “nothing”. “If I have not charity, I am nothing.”

Watch Williams and the shameless facility with which he operates, relishing in the fact that he is hoodwinking millions of people – because he believes himself to be over and above everyone else, and thus entitled by his elite status to say anything, do anything in order to increase his own power and satisfy his own lusts. The rules don’t apply to him, and he is rubbing the world’s face in it, and loving every second of it.

Then, remember that we are dealing with exactly the same thing with all of these priests, bishops and cardinals, both the faggots and boy-rapists themselves, and the leveragers of corruption.  Their word means NOTHING.  They are men without honor, integrity or shame. They are liars – like their father in hell, satan.  It’s called Diabolical Narcissism for a very, very good reason.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.