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Barnhardt Podcast #053: No Dogters Go To Heaven

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In this episode we discuss the natural state of man which is to be fruitful and multiply, so much so that modern dual-income, no-child couples instinctively realize there’s a hole in their life and turn to furry quadrupeds as an ersatz replacement (even going as far as introducing their canine as “their dogter”). Related to this “four legs are better than two” insanity is a diminishing of the dignity of human life, which only accelerates the momentum behind the contraceptive mentality and exacerbates the problems of abortion, infanticide, murder, and euthanasia.

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We’re ALL Being Watched – Bergoglio, Soros, Palo Alto, the NHS and… a Girls Gymnastics Coach

Surveillance is a big topic these days as it has come out into the open that all email, social media and smartphones are actively tracking and listening to everything and everyone.  But that isn’t what this piece is about.  This piece is about the age-old phenomenon of how Diabolical Narcissists operate, and specifically how they attain their strongest dose of narcissistic satisfaction, and how our society – ALL of us together, have been turned into a massive, constant source of narcissistic satisfaction to the DN monsters that move among us, and rule over us.

The example I’m going to use is a bit surprising, and one might think a bit far afield, but something I learned well in my days as a Cattle Marketing teacher (which was in turn taught to me by my teacher – an Old Timer, now deceased) was that often the best way to introduce and teach a concept was by using an example totally outside of the paradigm – in my case, the cattle business.  I would introduce the mathematical concept in terms of merchandising not cattle, but electronics.  All the cattlemen present would easily understand the mathematical paradigm precisely because they were not struggling with trying to make it conform to their prejudices, biases and exceptionally bad habits in the cattle business.  Once they understood the simple math presented to them in an outside context, they could then apply it to the Cattle business with much, much greater facility. This pedagogical method was one of the most brilliant things taught to me by the Old Timer that taught me the cattle business, and I have used it consistently ever since.  For those of you who have been to one of my Cattle Marketing schools, or have the DVD, can you imagine trying to start the Cattle Square and Valuation Tables WITHOUT first having done the VCR module?  It would be 100 times more difficult.

Anyway, I came across an example of a Diabolical Narcissist psychopath that ticks every box, and really demonstrates how DN psychopaths get their greatest rush and satisfaction NOT in the actual moment of inflicting abuse or committing crime.  No – the REAL rush for these monsters is the aftermath, specifically in watching their victims LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT, and oftentimes the victims even defend, protect, and even REWARD their DN abusers.  We will go through the micro example of Michigan-based girls gymnastics coach John Geddert, and then see how this dynamic maps onto so many macro systems today.

Some of you might have heard of the sexual abuse scandal in the world of American women’s gymnastics (girls, really – so-called “women’s gymnastics” is a children’s sport) surrounding a doctor named Larry Nassar.  Nassar was based out of a gym in Michigan owned by John Geddert.  This gym was very successful, and has produced world champion female gymnasts.  John Geddert was tapped to be the team coach for the U.S. olympic women’s gymnastics team in 2012.  Geddert was a very powerful and influential player in the U.S. gymnastics scene, and got his “friend” (remember, DNs are not actually capable of genuine friendship, which requires the capacity to love – DNs are, by definition, self-purged of love) Larry Nassar installed as the official doctor for USA Gymnastics, giving Nassar pretty much unlimited, unfettered access to the entire USA women’s gymnastics squad.  Nassar, also being a DN psychopath like his buddy John Geddert, descended into sexual perversion, and would use his access to young girls, almost all pre-pubescent, to digitally rape them, both vaginally and anally, during “treatments”.  In at least one case, Nassar, so emboldened and seeking the next-level high, did this to a girl while the girl’s mother was sitting in the exam room with her daughter.  But Nassar isn’t the example we will focus on – John Geddert is.

As we discuss in the Diabolical Narcissism video, DNs tend to be not only of above-average intelligence, but are often very high-functioning, charming, and successful in their fields.  Such is the case with John Geddert.  He did produce extremely good gymnasts, and ran a very successful gym.  He was charming, and parents admired and trusted him, so much so that parents were happy to essentially turn their children’s childhoods over to Geddert, sacrificing all normal childhood activities and pursuits, and oftentimes requiring homeschooling simply in order to accommodate the eight hour per day training regime.  Oh, and did I mention that the parents had to pay the gym THOUSANDS of dollars per month, generally in a direct deposit setup, many of them going into debt to do so? Not to mention all travel costs and equipment costs.

A very well-documented full expose piece on Geddert can be read HERE.  It reads as a near-perfect case-study of Diabolical Narcissism.  The first thing that stands out is the verbal abuse.  Screaming, yelling, brute intimidation, extreme profanity, threats, degradation.  Geddert’s excuse for this, on the very few instances he was ever challenged was CLASSIC DN: you made me do it, and it’s for your own good.  Several of Geddert’s gymnasts attempted suicide.  One girl, after intentionally overdosing on Valium and trying to explain to the hospital staff that she attempted suicide due to Geddert’s abuse, was told by Nassar that SHE needed to apologize to GEDDERT in order to be able to RETURN to Geddert’s gym – which she, with her parent’s approval and encouragement, did.  I am hard-pressed to think of a greater rush for a DN psychopath: driving an adolescent girl to attempt suicide, and after she tells her parents why she did it, the parents not only allow her to return to the man that caused it, but actively encourage the girl to APOLOGIZE TO HIM.

For the most severe DN psychopaths, driving people to suicide or attempted suicide is a major fantasy.  In the piece linked above, Geddert is reported to have regularly told young girls to “kill themselves” when they didn’t perform up to snuff in practice.  One girl, after rightly balking at performing a skill that she didn’t think she was able to do was called “a disrespectful bitch” by Geddert, and told to climb the rope to the rafter, and then jump off and kill herself.  But remember, Geddert claimed that this was “for her own good” and that she “made him do it.”  Oh, and did I mention?  This girl was TEN YEARS OLD at the time. Ten.

Some girls took Geddert’s suggestions about self-murder seriously. To control someone so much that the person will  forfeit their own life is a massive rush of Diabolical Satisfaction.  If we consider the mindset of actual demons, suicide is the ultimate victory.  Not only is the person lost to hell, but their final act is the ultimate betrayal of God – throwing God’s greatest gift, life, back in God’s face.  But what is perhaps an even greater rush is having the DN’s victim come crawling back and APOLOGIZING to the DN.  What power! And in the case of Geddert, it wasn’t just the children – it was, even more potently, the children’s parents that would come crawling back, begging for “forgiveness”, eager to continue to give thousands of dollars per month to Geddert.  In the case of the ten year old girl above, the mother EYEWITNESSED Geddert’s behavior.  When Geddert told the girl to kill herself, she ran towards her mother, telling her what Geddert had said – with Geddert following right behind her, still raging at her.  Again, Geddert did this RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MOTHER.  And the monthly direct deposits into Geddert’s account kept coming, and the parents continued to bring their daughter to Geddert every day for six more years.  When she was 16, she contracted mononucleosis, and while missing months of school, the girl was not permitted to miss ONE gymnastics practice.  Geddert physically assaulted the girl during this time, and then, upon the girl winning a competition, but not by A SUFFICIENTLY HIGH ENOUGH MARGIN OF VICTORY, Geddert unleashed a tirade on the floor of the gymnastics meet, in full view of all there present that was so severe that the judges gave him a “red flag” conduct warning.

Another girl, after attempting to tumble on a broken leg for fear of Geddert, and stumbling, was told by Geddert to “pack up your shit and get out of my gym.”  Geddert then followed the girl into the locker room, bellowing and raging all the way, and screamed in her face that she was a “spoiled f***ing brat”.  Remember, all this was done in full view of the entire gym.  And according to Geddert, the gymnasts “made him do it”, and it was always “for their own good”.

THIS is the ultimate rush to the DN.  And it provides a long-lasting, slow-burning “high” that is actually more desirable to the DN than the quick fix of the in-the-moment rush.  Think about it – is it really any big “accomplishment” for a grown man to physically bully and abuse a bunch of little girls?  No.  Although we can see why DNs so often choose children as their victims – simply because children are easy targets.  What IS a big deal, and a much more “valuable” target, is when the other adults, mothers, and especially the FATHERS of those little girls not only LET the DN abuse their children in front of them, but then grovel, apologize and ACH deposit thousands of dollars into the DN’s bank account after the fact, when the DN is called out – in this case by the attempted suicide of the child.

The modern pejorative term “cuck” inevitably springs to mind, which actually comes from a very real word, “cuckold”, which is a man who permits other men to have sex with his wife.  A man – a FATHER – who permits another man to abuse his own children – his own DAUGHTERS in front of him, it seems to me, is an even more pathetic specimen than an actual cuckold.  There is a far greater sense of total and complete capitulation and defeat in the latter, and John Geddert crushed these parents under his heel for his entire adult life.

I am so powerful, so superior, so worshipped, that I can do ANYTHING I want to these people and they will never, ever give me up. They will never walk away. Hell, they will even apologize to me for disappointing me. They will sacrifice their own children to me, thank me, and pay me for the privilege. Even the powers-that-be won’t touch me.  The rules do not apply to me.  The laws do not apply to me.  I am untouchable. I am other. I am above everyone and everything. These people are lower than insects, contemptible and deserving of only my disdain, and I am a god. That I tolerate them at all is an act of extreme generosity and condescension on my part.

I’d encourage you to read the whole piece on Geddert, and see if you can identify all of the Diabolical Narcissism dynamics, including the Alpha-Beta dynamics swirling around between Geddert (pure Alpha), Nassar (Beta to Geddert’s Alpha), Geddert’s wife (Beta herself, of just an effeminate enabler/victim? – not enough info to say), and the parents and other coaches in Geddert’s gym (Betas or merely effeminate hangers-on?).  Look at what the parents’ motivations were – association with an “elite” gym and coach, the promise of college scholarships (and the threat of losing said scholarships due to Geddert’s mafia-like influence in the NCAA), and perhaps most importantly, fear of blackballing, retaliation or ruination by the DN psychopath.


Now, let’s apply what we have learned to the more mainstream, macro-level examples of Diabolical Narcissist Pychopathy.  It is tempting to look at the bad behavior of DN psychopaths and jump to the conclusion that they are lacking self-awareness, are functionally “dumb”, and don’t know how to properly “manage their image”, to put it in purely pragmatic terms.  This assumption is incorrect.  The vast majority of the time, the open “bad behavior” is 100% calculated, and totally self-aware.  Bad behavior in public is an ESSENTIAL PART of the DN paradigm.  In terms of the preternatural, that is, actual demons, the word used is “manifestation”.  This is EXACTLY the same term we should use for the open bad behavior of Diabolical Narcissists.  DNs MANIFEST, and derive their most intense satisfaction from the toleration, acceptance, defense and even enabling and cooperation of those who witness their MANIFESTATIONS.


Those of us tapped into the info stream coming out of Rome began hearing of Antipope Bergoglio’s MANIFESTATIONS very early on in the antipapacy.  And I’m not talking yet about the public statements of heresy.  I’m initially talking about Jorge Bergoglio’s day-to-day behavior inside the Vatican.  What was reported immediately by people who knew him in Argentina, and carried over into his usurpation in Rome, as confirmed in Henry Sire’s book, “The Dictator Pope”, is Bergoglio’s incredibly, stunningly foul mouth.  We aren’t talking about a man merely using cuss words – even the worst, like the “f” word.  No, we are talking about BLASPHEMOUS curses, often involving sexual perversion mixed with the sacred, that took even the godless degenerates in the Vatican Bathhouse Complex aback.  Remember the instances when Antipope Bergoglio dropped the words “corporophagia” and “corporphilia”?  The concept of “shit-eating” is a daily-driver in Antipope Bergoglio’s lexicon of blasphemy.  The screaming, raging fits, the most famous being the episode in ARSH 2014 when a group of Cardinals sent a letter the Antipope Bergoglio protesting the completely tyrannical procedure in the Synod Against the Family, whereupon Antipope Bergoglio, during the lunch hour, threw a screaming, bellowing, raging fit of such severity in the Casa Santa Marta dining hall, that the Swiss Guards  CLEARED THE BUILDING.  Bergoglio was bellowing, “I’m in charge here! I’ll have their hats!”  This wasn’t Bergoglio being “dumb” or lacking self-awareness.  This was Bergoglio MANIFESTING, and then watching as NOT ONE of the many dozens of people who witnessed the manifestation would dare speak publicly about it.

Arguably, however, the greatest rush Antipope Bergoglio gets as he manifests, is his near-daily public utterance of heresy, and his open pogrom (yes, p-o-g-r-o-m: a massacre, an attempted extermination) against Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.  Frank Walker over at Canon212 keeps a daily tally of how many days it has been since the Four Cardinals presented Antipope Bergoglio with the Dubia – which has gone unanswered, but even more importantly, without any follow-up correction.  It is precisely the SILENCE, and even the words of groveling deference, and “assurances of loyalty” by men like Cardinal Burke that provides the greatest rush to the DN Psychopath Bergoglio.  It isn’t just the “doing it”, it is the GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

What one realizes is that usurping the Papacy, as Antipope Bergoglio has done, is, far and away, the single most potent vector for this paradigm of Diabolical Narcissist Psychopath MANIFESTATION and SURVEILLANCE.

-We aren’t simply talking about some thug who owns a gymnastics studio, watching parents allow him to openly abuse their children.
-We aren’t simply talking about a cadre of bureaucrats and judges in the NHS, watching a nation as they openly imprison and execute a little boy.
-We aren’t simply talking about some CEO of a brokerage firm or bank, watching an entire industry and government as he openly steals billions.
-We aren’t talking about a Palo Alto oligarch, watching the world as he openly makes billions off of clandestinely surveilling every man, woman and child, and then openly lies about it.
-We aren’t talking about a Hollywood producer, watching the entire movie industry as he openly assaults and rapes casting-couch starlets.
-We aren’t talking about a powerful TV news anchor, watching the entire media juggernaut as he openly harasses and fornicates in the workplace.
-We aren’t talking about a presidential candidate, watching the world as she openly lies, rages at subordinates, engages in racketeering, treason, and murder.
-We aren’t talking about the President of the United States, openly lying and openly carrying on affairs in the White House (take your pick here – it applies to most of them).

What we are talking about is the most severe case of this possible on earth.  We are talking about a man who has usurped the one and only office in the entire world that has literal, supernatural protection and authority. Stop and think about that.  We are talking about a man who is demanding that people commit spiritual suicide and cooperate with full assent and perfect docility to his pogrom of destruction of The Church, lyingly leveraging the authority of Jesus Christ Himself.  We are talking about a man who all day, every day, wallows and luxuriates in the sight of an entire planet WATCHING HIM as he openly calls good evil, and evil good, and openly spews satanic heresy after satanic heresy, and grovel before him, calling him “Holy Father”, while the actual Holy Father – Pope Benedict XVI – remains very much alive, and very much in plain sight.

You better believe that Antipope Bergoglio is WATCHING US, SURVEILLING US every time a believing Catholic contorts themselves into a perverse pretzel declaring Antipope Bergoglio’s open crimes against God, His Church and every human being by extension, to be “not so bad”, “a misunderstanding”, “a mistranslation”, “above my paygrade”, “none of my concern”, or any other of the myriad excuses that people make for him – as proof of their piety, no less.

You better believe that Antipope Bergoglio is watching us, surveilling us, as he insults us and abuses us, and we continue to tolerate and grovel – just like the parents of the little girls in John Geddert’s gym.  “We can’t say anything!  He’s too powerful!  If we cross him, he will blackball us! He is so popular, everyone will hate us if we say anything against him!”

This Bergoglian Antipapacy is, quite possibly, the single greatest Diabolical Narcissist Psychopath power play ever executed to date by a human being.  1.2 billion Catholics bowing and scraping before him as he openly tries to completely destroy The Church Militant, while simultaneously erecting the satanic Antichurch; the rest of the planet cheering him as he ratifies all sin, including sodomy, declares hell non-existent, and deifies man by declaring the individual conscience the arbiter of truth and morality and the adjudicator of guilt, and thus denying the salvific work of Christ.

Make no mistake, our silence is their most potent drug.  Our supine, effeminate enabling is the steady dose of “DN methamphetamine”, mainlined directly into their jugular. We are both the drug, and the delivery mechanism.

You better believe you’re being watched.

(Remember, neither Bergoglio’s Diabolical Narcissistic Psychopathy nor heresy is what makes him an Antipope.  It was Pope Benedict XVI’s invalid attempt at “partially resigning” that enabled Bergoglio’s usurpation. ANYONE “elected” in the faux-conclave of ARSH 2013 would have been an Antipope.)

I am so powerful, so superior, so worshipped, that I can do ANYTHING I want to these people and they will never, ever give me up. Hell, they will even apologize to me for disappointing me. They will sacrifice their own children to me, thank me, and pay me for the privilege. Even the powers-that-be won’t touch me.  The rules do not apply to me.  The laws do not apply to me.  I am untouchable. I am other. I am above everyone and everything – including God. These people are lower than insects, contemptible and deserving of only my disdain, and I am a god. That I tolerate them at all is an act of extreme generosity and condescension on my part.





It’s Time We Have An Adult Discussion About the Eucharistic Fast

I recently had a very thoughtful piece come across my transom regarding the Eucharistic Fast – that is, the amount of time one abstains from food before receiving Holy Communion.  This is a question that has always stuck in my craw, and after reading the text that was sent to me, I have resolved to only receive Holy Communion if I have fasted from the previous midnight – and I generally go to Mass in the evening these days.

The Eucharistic Fast from midnight was the perennial tradition of the Church going back to the very beginning.  Up until the middle of the twentieth century (RED FLAG!!!!), the three conditions for the faithful receiving Holy Communion as universally taught in every Catechism were:

  1. Being in a state of grace (that is, not having sacramentally unconfessed mortal sin)
  2. Fasting from midnight
  3. Being aware of Whom you are to receive – Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity

Reception of Holy Communion by the faithful was infrequent up until December of ARSH 1905, when Pope St. Pius X explicitly encouraged frequent and even daily Communion of the faithful in the document Sacra Tridentina.  Many people received Holy Communion once per year, and many saints such as St. Catherine of Siena received Holy Communion sacramentally only four to six times per year.  The point here is that so very many great saints did NOT sacramentally communicate daily, or even weekly. The vast majority of their Communions were spiritual.

At this point, I sadly realize that I must explain that priests, of course, receive Holy Communion every time they offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, precisely because the Sacrifice is NOT OFFERED unless the priest consummates the sacrifice by immolating the Body and Blood by consuming Them both.  The consecration causes the Sacred Species to be made present upon the altar, but the Holy Sacrifice is offered when the priest consumes the Body and Blood.  Whether or not anyone else receives Holy Communion is simply not germane to whether or not the Holy Sacrifice is offered, and this is why priests absolutely CAN offer the Mass privately.  And by “privately”, we of course mean that the only other beings present at said Mass are the entire Communion of Saints and the entire Angelic Host.  So, you know, only several hundred billion rational intellects at minimum.  “Private”.

With regard to Pope St. Pius X encouraging frequent Communion by the faithful, I have always assumed that this had to do with the fact that, as Pope Leo XIII was made aware, the world was under escalated satanic attack, as reiterated by Our Lady of Fatima, and confirmed by the events of the past 100+ years.  Given this, Our Lord desired that the remnant faithful be able to receive Holy Communion sacramentally with greater frequency, precisely because it would be needed in this time of war.  Obviously, what goes without saying is that the faithful would need to be properly disposed to receive Holy Communion sacramentally – absolutely NO relaxation of any standards of preparation were countenanced.

Sadly, what did happen was a relaxation of the Eucharistic Fast from the perennial (and common-sensical) MIDNIGHT, to a mere three hours.  This was done by Pope Pius XII in ARSH 1957.  Folks, the war in the Church began long before the conclave of ARSH 1958.  Very bad things had already started to happen, particularly under Pius XII, with the top three being the mangling of the Holy Week Liturgies, the introduction of the so-called Bea Psalter in the Breviary, and the relaxation of the Eucharistic fast to three hours. These were three massive blows to Holy Mother Church – and yes, Pius XII was responsible for them.  The only excuse that can be postulated was the fact that Pius XII was in very poor health in the late 1950s.  We will all find out exactly what happened at the General Judgment.

But back to the point of this piece – the Eucharistic Fast.  Pope Pius XII reduced the fast from midnight to three hours, which is what opened the door to Mass in the evening (along with electrification and the ability to illuminate churches at night).  The fast was further reduced in ARSH 1983 to one hour, something that I have never taken seriously.  One hour is NOT a fast.  The very notion is ridiculous, and defies common sense.  With regards to the three hour fast, this has always stuck in my craw as well.  I’m going to get graphic here, so be warned.  Have you ever gotten sick and thown up three hours after eating?  I have.  Most cases of food poisoning have a several hour delay.  Folks, the contents of the stomach after three hours are halfway between hydrochloric acid and sewage.  Now the question we have to ask ourselves is, if we really, truly believe in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, is it really considerate to Him to receive Him into a stomach filled with a slurry of acidic, half digested food?  Remember, He reposes physically in our bodies for approximately fifteen minutes.  Is it really too much to ask that we prepare not only spiritually to receive Him, but also physically by the simple courtesy of having an empty stomach?  Don’t decent people clean their houses when company is coming?  Doesn’t a loving wife take joy in providing a clean home for her husband?  If realizing this, we freely choose to revert to the perennial discipline of the Church of the midnight Eucharistic Fast, which the Church IN NO WAY DISCOURAGES, isn’t it possible that this action, done out of love for Our Eucharistic Lord, might result in even greater graces received from Sacramental Communion, and from any Spiritual Communions that we make at Mass in observance of the midnight Fast?

Secondarily, as I have mentioned before, I usually eat one meal per day, and have been on this general schedule for quite some time now.  On days that I eat two meals, it is almost always due to some sort of social commitment – and I always feel stuffed like the Christmas goose afterwards.  When left to my own devices, one meal is all I want or need these days.  I think food intake and satiation is largely a function of habit.  So, given this, there really is no reason whatsoever that a person of my age (41), in good health, and on the eating schedule that I am already on should NOT observe the Eucharistic Fast from midnight.  If one goes to Mass in the morning (as is best), observing the Eucharistic Fast from midnight really isn’t asking much at all.

I hope that this helps to open up the question to discussion, and ultimately to help people make BETTER Holy Communions, which I think pondering the Eucharistic Fast in a common sense way with regards to the Real Presence and the literal contents of one’s stomach, can do.  We are all so blessed to be able to receive Holy Communion so frequently that we must be all the more vigilant to NOT abuse the privilege, or to address the question for a purely legalistic perspective.  I don’t want to love Our Lord according to the bare minimums of the 1983 Code of Canon Law.  I want to do the best that I can for Him, and in those areas in which I could do more for Him, I want to do more for Him.  I think the Eucharistic Fast from midnight is a great place to start.

I hope this helps.

“He feeds me lest I faint, or fall, or die, with Food from Heaven.  He, His own Self, in wondrous mystery, to me has given.”

Starting Wednesday Off Right: St. Anthony Called It 800 Years Ago

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

“Men will surrender to the spirit of the age. They will say that if they had lived in our day, faith would be simple and easy. But in their day, they will say, things are complex; the Church must be brought up to date and made meaningful to the day’s problems.”
-St. Anthony of (???????)


Aw, poor St. Anthony.  It seems that the quote above, awesome as it is, is probably apocryphal.  It is either non-attributed, or maybe perhaps a paraphrase of something St. Anthony the Abbot said.  Either way, here is another quote from St. Anthony of Padua that we can be sure of:

“The Creator of the heavens obeys a carpenter; the God of eternal glory listens to a poor virgin. Has anyone ever witnessed anything comparable to this? Let the philosopher no longer disdain from listening to the common laborer; the wise, to the simple; the educated, to the illiterate; a child of a prince, to a peasant.”

Princessing Ain’t Easy, Y’all.

And the LORD their God will save them in that day as the flock of His people; for they are as the stones of a crown, sparkling in His land.
-Zechariah 9: 16

Her Serene Highness the Tiny Princess, holding court today in the throne room at Schloss SuperNerd, wearing her crown, designed and fabricated by her older sister, the Princess Royal, of gold with twelve points adorned with alternating round cut rubies and pink sapphires.

Starting Tuesday Off Right: St. John of Sahagún Edition

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.


“… A preacher must be prepared in his soul to speak the truth, both in denouncing and correcting shortcomings and in praising virtue, to such a point that he is willing in that cause even to face death.”
– Saint John of Sahagún (ARSH 1419 – 1479)

If I Smoked Cigarettes (which I have never, do not, and will never), I’d Be Lighting One Up Right Now…

BillyJeff Blythe (Clinton), a literal son of a whore, just declared the moral norms and standards of forcible rape to be… evolving.

Anybody gotta match?

William Jefferson Clinton, you psychopathic son of a bitch: you forcibly raped Juanita Broaddrick, and probably others, and should spend the rest of your life locked in a super-max cell in total isolation with your demoniac dyke wife.  Maybe then you will repent, enter the Church, make a good confession, and die in a state of grace.  Because Hillary is as close as you can get in this mortal coil to hell.  Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY to escape eternal, unending torment by that uber-psycho harpy bitch you “married”.

Someone needs to explain to him that the damned torment the damned in hell.  I’m totally serious when I say that this COULD stir sentiments of fear and contrition in even the most depraved soul – as BillyJeff is.

Barnhardt Podcast #052: The Melting of Modern Men from Meek to Mediocre

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In this episode we LOUDLY discuss a recent US Navy investigation which revealed that only 27 of 164 randomly selected, “qualified” officers could carry out their duties without any concerns. While we can guess at the causes for this it’s symptomatic of world-wide slide toward mediocrity and away from manly virtues, meekness being a big one. During this month of the Sacred Heart it would behoove His advice to “Learn of me, for I am meek and humble of heart!”

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And Now A Word From Ronan Farrow’s Father….

The odds that Woody Allen is Ronan Farrow’s father are just about equal to the odds that I, Ann Barnhardt, am Ronan Farrow’s father.

Sorry, but things like this tend to stick in my craw – very much like the whole notion that Michael Jackson “fathered” those three poor children that he bought and paid for from breeding sows and sperm donors.  Dark-skinned black men (which Jackson very much was) don’t throw silky-haired, blue-eyed, tall-narrow-nosed, lily-white calves. That’s just genetics.  Dominant genes, such as dark skin and, especially, coarse hair, express.  Period. And Woody Allen, a spectacularly physically repellant Jew, doesn’t throw a son that is a dead-ringer clone for Mia Farrow’s lifelong, handsome, on-again-off-again fornication partner.  Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

But I do love a lot of Sinatra’s oeuvre.  Francis sure could sing.  Enjoy “The Way You Look Tonight”. If you ever find yourself in Rivertown hanging out with me, remember that “Francis” in my mind is either St. Francis of Assisi, or Francis Albert Sinatra. There is no third.