Tiny Princess Pic and Targeted Prayer Request for Her Parents – SLEEP

Yes, that’s a Rosary Mr. Bear is holding….

Alas, Mr. Bear, while pious and soft, cannot take a shift staying up and watching over Tiny Princess, who needs constant monitoring for both respiration and seizures.  Only SuperNerd and SuperMommy can do that.  As a result, both SuperNerd and SuperMommy are seriously lacking in what almost all of us take for granted – regular, deep sleep every night.  To go without deep sleep for extended periods of time results in a cumulative overall reduction in health, loss of wakeful sharpness, and also a reduction in immune system vigor. Both of our friends are struggling with low-grade ear-nose-throat ailments that are proving tough to shake, almost certainly due to fatigue.

If you would, in your charity, offer targeted prayers for both SuperNerd and SuperMommy to both be able, somehow, to get more sleep in an absolute sense, and that whatever sleep they do get be HIGH QUALITY sleep that yields maximum refreshment and benefit.

St. Joseph is the go-to saint for this situation, having been given earthly custody of not just a living saint (as Tiny Princess is), but of God Incarnate Himself.  St. Joseph pulled an all-nighter or two watching over the Infant Jesus while the Blessed Virgin rested, to be sure.

St. Joseph, pray for us!

God the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us!

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