The Sodomiticalization of Children: Why TeeVee Can Be Given NO QUARTER

I have long encouraged the elimination of cable/satellite teevee as part of a plan of active resistance to, and in the case of teevee, defense against the satanic forces running free in our dying civilization.  It turns out that even BROADCAST teevee is simply far too dangerous to have in one’s home.  Case in point: this trailer for a new “sit-com” on NBC.

Premise: promiscuous man and woman conceive child in freshman year of college.  Woman bears the son, and father completely abandons mother. Flash forward 15 years.  Mother now seeks to dump the son on the father.  But the kicker in all of this?

The child is “gay”.  Flamboyantly “gay”.  “Out and proud”, as they say.

Aside from the fact that toleration of the boy character’s completely calculated behavior aspiring to sexual perversion and sodomy is a complete obscenity and scandal, I would like to know how EXACTLY it is that the very production of this program is not an act of CHILD ABUSE AGAINST THE BOY ACTOR? Does anyone here honestly believe that this child, who is clearly already massively damaged, isn’t being driven into even deeper depths of the abyss of Diabolical Narcissism and sexual perversion? Again, I’m not talking about the character, I’m talking about the actual child actor.

This is a species of pornography designed to appeal to sodomite men, for whom the ultimate sodomitical conquest is a pubescent boy.  Remember, ALL SODOMITES WITHOUT EXCEPTION ARE A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO CHILDREN. Show me a sodomite that hasn’t abused a child, and my response will be, “Give him/her time.”

By having a child declare himself “gay”, what this is actually doing is making a stealth argument for children to be able to “consent” to sodomy. After all, how can it be argued that a person that is so “smart”, “witty”, “desperately charming” and “in touch with himself” is not capable of consenting to sodomy? Who are we to judge? Who are we to deny this “amazing” boy something that he clearly wants? How can we embrace him as “gay”, while denying him the very thing that defines him as “gay”, namely sodomy?

How long will it take for this show to depict the boy entering a “relationship” with a man? Not long.  Child actors have a short shelf-life, by definition.  They only have a limited amount of time to depict man-boy sodomy.

I beg one and all: get rid of the teevee.  You can get weather forecasts and severe weather information from the internet, and from old-fashioned AM-FM radio.  DVDs of old cartoons and pre-1965 programming (Andy Griffith Show, Leave It to Beaver, etc.), as well as old films can provide more than enough recreational screen time. There is simply no way to justify having a media portal that is so obviously and explicitly evil in one’s home.

The fact that NBC isn’t boycotted into oblivion by this is just another testimony to how sickeningly effeminate and beyond hope the broad culture is. Nevermind boycotting – I suspect this will be a huge hit.  I’m sure most people today will delight in and be titillated by the perverse spectacle of a child manifesting sexual perversion of the worst kind. “Oh, he’s so smart! He’s so witty! He’s so cute!”

Motus in fine velocior.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.