And almost as if on cue…

From the DailyMail.  Not exactly the most respectable paper, but I find it interesting that the mainstream media is now publishing pieces about Antipope Bergoglio ogling scantily clad boys in hotpants.  And, as always, there is Georg Ganswein. I’m telling you, that guy is no good. No good, and up to his eyebrows in all of this dumpster fire of a hot mess.

Step right up! The Pope (sic) looks very amused as he welcomes circus performers including acrobat in barely-there outfit

  • Pope Francis (sic) overjoyed after scantily-clad circus artist performed during his weekly audience
  • The young man, dressed in white hotpants and a cloth across his chest, later knelt before the Pope (sic)
  • Pope Francis (sic) has turned circus shows in Pope VI hall in the Vatican into somewhat of a tradition 

Run, little boy. Run far, far away from the very bad men….

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.