All Sodomites Are A Clear And Present Danger to Children. PERIOD.


So, popular and charming actor Kevin Spacey, of whom it has long been an open secret was an aggressive sodomite, the sort that cruises public parks for sodomy and the like, is now revealed to be a child predator.


Every sodomite, without exception, is, by definition, A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO CHILDREN.

Folks, sexual perversion is a continuum.  All people are heterosexual. Fact.  Some people fall into sin, specifically the sin of diabolical narcissism, to varying degrees.  For some, this leads to sexual sins that remain exclusively with the opposite sex.  Increasingly, as pornography infects the society, more and more people descend into sexual perversion so severe and so deep that it demands sex acts so sick that normal people can’t even relate.  The first layer is same-sex acts, and as with people like Charlie Sheen, it begins with transvestites as sex partners.  Transvestites satisfy the perverted lust for the same sex, while maintaining the facade of heterosexuality for the narcissist pervert in question.

Next, it goes, as with Sheen and Hugh Hefner, to sex acts with people of the same sex.  Next, it goes to children.  Men who are already engaged in same-sex activity will go directly to boys, and generally pubescent boys.  14 years old seems to be the ideal age for these depraved, vampiric wretches.  These odious, disgusting faggots want to destroy boys who are still children, but are just beginning to show signs of puberty.  14 is thus, ideal.  In the satanic manifesto of the musloid political system, pubescent boys are referred to as “pearl boys”.  Repeatedly. Not a coincidence.

Last week I sat down and watched the documentary “An Open Secret”.  It is WELL TITLED. It is a documentary about the HUGE pedophile ring in Hollywood. It is well done, and incredibly documented.  There are two scenes in the documentary in which they actually have full, unedited audio of the main subjects fully admitting to their crimes.  Look, just like Weinstein, EVERYONE knows about the boy raping in Hollywood.

Folks, the Harvey Weinstein thing is peanuts.  As others have pointed out, women who acquiesce to filth like Weinstein are called “whores”.  I continue to be amazed by women who claim that Weinstein forced himself upon them orally, with the women as recipients.  Um, I do not understand how that is possible.  Call me naive, but it seems to me that KICKING would be a reliable way to stop that.  In the other direction, I have never understood how a woman could be made to perform oral sex.  The jaw is the strongest point in the human body, pound for pound.  Bite it off.  Bite if off and spit it out. Problem solved.  Problem so very, very SOLVED.  The truth is, almost all of these women have publicly admitted that they either acquiesced (gave up) to Weinstein, or that they kept silent, some for decades, specifically and consciously to advance and/or maintain their careers.  This is called “payment in kind”, and PIK is just as much payment as cash on the nightstand, honey.

So now we come to the real story, and the true victims of Hollywood and the finance-government-entertainment power structure: BOY RAPISTS AND THEIR PREY.

Famous and charming actor Kevin Spacey, a well-known “open-secret” faggot, has been exposed as having a taste for boyflesh.  Well, knock me over with a feather.  A fag?  Being into boys?  NO!

Color me shocked when you show me a fag who isn’t gunning to “break in” a 14 year old boy, or as close to that as possible….

Spacey came to fame in the movie “The Usual Suspects”, directed by the very well-known boy-rapist Bryan Singer.  Birds of a feather flock together.  I’m telling you folks, these fags ALL have a thing for teen boys.  Teen boys, virgins, pure, happy, normal, are everything these foul wretches want to destroy.  They hunt them.  They are murderers – soul murderers.

The documentary “An Open Secret” documents a circle of Hollywood boy rapists and their victims, and shows footage of popular child and now adult actor Ben Savage, currently the star of “Girl Meets World” on the Disney channel (Disney is pure pedophilic evil, folks), a re-boot of “Boy Meets World” which aired all throughout the 1990s, a victim and now member of the boy raping circle, being embraced, and then sexually grabbed in the butt by the pedophile ringleader at the 44:55 mark.  The pedophile ringleader says, “Hi, Honey”, and then grabs Savage’s butt sexually. It is clear as day.  The thing that is interesting is to look up Ben Savage in clips as a child actor on “Boy Meets World” – he is a completely normal, masculine boy – and then look up clips of him today, both on “Girl Meets World” in which he plays a married man, and in real-life interviews, and note Savage’s descent into very faggoty comportment and affectation.

Guys, the faggotry comportment is 100% chosen and controllable.  I had the misfortune to be acquainted with faggots years ago that when alone with me would act completely normal, but when around their fags and fag hags would lay on the gay affectation.  IT IS ALL A CHOICE.  The fag aesthetic is a freely chosen, calculated and freely executed aesthetic.

I strongly recommend this documentary to one and all to make you realize what it is that you are supporting when you give money – ANY MONEY – to Hollywood. The only error in this documentary is when the investigator goes out of his way to make sure that people don’t think that homosexuality is related to pedophilia or ephebophilia – which is patently false.  We all know the two pathologies are hand-in-glove. Show me a faggot who hasn’t gone after a child (including blood relatives) and my response is, “Give him time, and he will….”

Another point I would like to make is about the child star Corey Feldman, who appears in “An Open Secret”.  People my age would remember Feldman well as “Teddy DuChamp” in “Stand By Me” and as “Mouth” in “The Goonies”.  Right now Feldman, himself a victim of pedophilia as a child in Hollywood, is trying to raise money, ostensibly for a documentary on the topic, claiming he can name names of high-level Hollywood moguls that are boy rapists.  He claims he needs money for production and for security for his family, etc.

BULLSHIT.  Corey Feldman needs to quit trying to profiteer off of the rape of children and spill the beans.  Every day he waits is another day in which pedophiles are raping children.  Don’t give Corey Feldman a dime.  The information that he has is largely available, and what he is doing is stone-cold profiteering.  The best way for Corey Feldman to protect himself is to call a press conference, with his family beside him, lay out everything he knows, name all the names he can, and then look straight into the camera and say, “If so much as one hair on my children’s’ heads are touched, everyone on the planet will now know exactly whom to come after….”

Corey Feldman needs to quit this obvious, transparent profiteering, or go away.

Here is the documentary “An Open Secret”.

Let’s do this, folks.  Let’s bring down Hollywood.  Let’s burn it to ashes. A world without Hollywood.  Can you imagine?


Here is the YouTube.  This is my second try with the YouTube, as it was saying “blocked” for some people.

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