Tuesday Barnhardt Benefactor Mass Priest To Be Deployed to Middle East

This just in from our Tuesday Barnhardt Benefactor Mass Priest – this now makes TWO…

Last Thursday, I offered a Requiem Mass for your Benefactors who have died, and for those who are bereaved.
Please note: I am in pre-deployment training tomorrow so the TLM for you and your Benefactors will be pushed to Wed on the Feast of St. Luke.  I am deploying to the Middle East.  I suppose I will have to get one of those portable Altars.
Pray for me, as I do for you.
If you will recall, this Chaplain took a voluntary reduction in rank from O-6 to O-3 because it was made clear to him that as an O-6 he would be expected to order Chaplains beneath him in rank to do evil, wicked, sacrilegious things as a DIRECT RESULT OF ANTIPOPE BERGOGLIO’S FILTHY SCREED, “AMORIS LAETITIA”.
Now, purely because he is an O-3, and not an O-6, he is once again “deployable”, and, sure enough, is being deployed to the Middle East.

So, just to make certain that we all fully appreciate the situation, not only has this priest chaplain taken a huge hit on his retirement payout by not only NOT going Full-bird (which he totally could have – easily) and self-demoting back down to Captain, but now he is “deployable”, which he wouldn’t have been otherwise, and will be heading over to musloid territory in a matter of weeks.


All in order to avoid committing EUCHARISTIC SACRILEGE AND DESECRATION as demanded by the foul Antipope now squatting in the Vatican.

Tell me again how the Bergoglian antipapacy ISN’T TERRIBLY IMPORTANT.
Tell me again how he papacy is just a “label”, and all we have to do is wait for Bergoglio to go away.
Tell me again how “Bergoglio doesn’t really affect ME (me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me…) and therefore I’m just going to ignore him.”
Folks, it is men like this priest, who offers the Holy Sacrifice for you every Tuesday, and last Thursday voluntarily offered a Requiem for any of my benefactors that may be deceased, and for anyone who is bereaved, that should be “field-promoted” to Bishop and Cardinal when the Bergoglian anti-church finally schisms and breaks totally away.
PLEASE remember this priest chaplain in your prayers early and often, along with our Monday Mass priest who is already deployed, along with the other two Benefactor Mass priests, and the Weekly Requiem Mass priest. And offer also a prayer of thanksgiving that this priest, according to the Divine Providence, will soon be able to minister to the soldiers in his care.
Man, if we could just put these five men in charge….

Servant of God, Fr. Emil Kapaun, offering the Holy and August Sacrifice of the Mass in Korea, 7 October, ARSH 1950

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