Barnhardt Podcast #030: Cowering in the Stairwell and on the Curial Casting Couch

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In this episode we discuss Karl Denninger’s article, which described the LVPD’s response team cowering in the stairwell instead of directly confronting Stephen Paddock like they should have, and how this cowering in the face of a diabolically narcissistic bully only invites a more vicious attack. Lessons to learn from this episode include realizing that the police WILL NOT come to your aid in a perilous situation and that you MUST PREPARE NOW both physically (buy more guns and ammunition) and spiritually (get to confession regularly and daily) for the coming escalation of “sub-optimal social conditions.”


00:00 Intro
01:01 Denninger’s reportage/commentary on the Vegas Massacre, Mandalay Bay security guard was shot in the leg six minutes before Paddock began shooting out the window. Paddock’s exact location and status as an active shooter was known for fully five minutes before firing on the crowd.
04:45 SWAT Teams playing dress-up and then cowering in fear.  “Columbining”.
06:46 The word “heroic” is over-used. Sometimes risking your life is EXPECTED, and is, very simply, the right thing to do. Cowardice is a function of narcissism. The notion that the Divine Providence is that you die as “cannon fodder” is incomprehensible to the post-Christian man.
10:50 Active shooter? Musloid with an edged weapon? CHARGE THE S.O.B.
14:38 The NWO, media, Bergoglio, etc., trying to paint anyone with multiple weapons systems, ammo in stock, or even just Preppers, as Paddock-like mass-murderers in the making. ALL THE MORE REASON TO BUY LONG GUNS, AMMO, AND PREP SUPPLIES.
17:58 In Las Vegas, being “Sin City” and a place where people go to commit horrific sins, there IS NO VIDEO SURVEILLANCE outside the casino floor, in the residential spaces in the hotels.
30:15 Finally Americans seem to be turning their backs on such evil, corrupt paradigms as cable television and professional sports (NFL). Las Vegas should be next. No decent people should go to Las Vegas.
36:10 The cops aren’t legally obliged to protect you.  Their job is just to clean up the mess. Cops on steroids are cowards and will not risk their lives to help you.
38:14 Alpha Diabolical Narcissist Psychopath rapist Harvey Weinstein and the massive caste of Hollywood Beta Narcissists who defended and covered for him.
40:08 Ann has some words for the despicable Ashley Judd. Hey Ash, maybe your career went to hell and was over when you started mutilating your face, so why not call a press conference and expose Weinstein years ago? With a self-mutilated face, what more did you have to lose, exactly?
43:00 The army of Beta Narcissists running the bureaucracies in all major facets of post-Christian culture: Government, Business, Hollywood/Media, The Church. Betas admire psychopaths. Contemporary entertainment revolves around the glorification and admiration of psychopaths.
48:08 Beta Diabolical Narcissists enjoy being associated with criminal and/or profoundly immoral behavior. Prime example: The Legionaries of Christ. Anecdote about how the Legion of Christ would use a priest’s open sacrilegious fornication with his concubine as a RECRUITING TOOL on recruiting junkets for American millionaires.
59:25 Diabolical Narcissists get a bigger rush from GETTING AWAY with crimes, and watching people cover for them, defend them, lie for them, cower in fear of them.
1:01:35 Our Lady has said that just before the end, the situation will seem impossible to fix. We’ve gotta be close to that….
1:03:38 Ann talks about Diabolical Narcissism so much because explaining these dynamics is a consolation to so many people, and talking about and explaining it PREVENTS SCANDAL.
1:09:48 All churches should have men posted at the doors. All Christians of good will should be always armed, both physically and spiritually.
1:12:00 Conclusion and announcements.

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