Mailbag: Monday Benefactor Mass Priest Checks In


These days, I’m offering the Monday Barnhardt Benefactor Mass from Afghanistan, as I am deployed until […redacted…].  Each Monday, in fact, I’ll be in […redacted…].  We’re 8.5 hours ahead of Eastern Time, though my Mass here is at 1930 local time.
Just wanted to give you an update.  In the next few weeks, I’ll start taking my portable altar with me, complete with an embedded altar stone and relic.  I appreciated your emphasis on this kind of preparation in your posting entitled “Every. Square. Inch.”  I actually have the same model of portable altar that you showed – the Wilderness Altar from St. Joseph’s Apprentice, though mine is in hemlock, much darker in color.
Your posting prompted me to give you an update.  I will continue to pray for you and your apostolate, especially through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
Peace to you,
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