72%-16%. AWK-waaaaard!

So the St. Louis Catholic blog poll that I mentioned last week asking, “Who is the Pope?” closed the polls today and even I am taken aback at the results.

Jorge Bergoglio did manage to beat “pope Michael on his porch in Kansas, elected unanimously by a conclave consisting of himself, his mother and his girlfriend”. But, props to Mike, as he did manage to represent with five votes.

Jorge also managed to beat, but not by much, a big, fat bowl of nothin’, that is, the sedevacantist position.  So, he has that going for him, which is nice. Gunga galunga.

But coming in with a whopping 72% was Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger, gloriously reigning, and the worst pope ever for what he has done.

So it was Pope Benedict 72%, the psychopathic dimwit who hates God and is very possibly the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist at 16%, a sucking void with 9%, and pope Mike of the Society of St. Pius the Five-Eighths with 0.7%.

When I linked to the poll, the standings were Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger 51%, Bergoglio 28%, sedevacante 19% and Mike 0%.  Look, if you want to claim that my linking to the poll drove the subsequent action, that’s fine.  I’ll join you.  Let’s handicap it and just look at the early results before I linked, if you want.  No problem.  It is still a HUGE statistical majority at 51%-28%.

Again, and this can never be said enough: THE TRUTH IS NOT A DEMOCRACY.

But, I do think that people need to see and understand that there is massive suppression of expression of belief that Bergoglio is an antipope and always has been, and that Pope Benedict, even though he is the worst Pope in history for what he has done, is still the one and only living Pope.  That suppression is both active, in the form of scrubbing and censoring of comments on blogs, and also of passive suppression by attacking and mindlessly raging and calumniating people as stupid, heretical, crazy, schismatic or “sedevacantist” (eyeroll), such that they cower in fear of saying anything.

But look at the results above, small though the sample may be.  There are clearly, undeniably, a LOT of people out there who are on side.

So, just to review:

You aren’t stupid.
You aren’t a heretic (at least not for this point!)
You aren’t crazy.
You aren’t a schismatic.
You aren’t a sedevacantist.

And you clearly aren’t alone. Not that that is of supreme importance – it isn’t.  Just ask St. Athanasius.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.