Of Course Antipope Bergoglio Is Going To Overturn Humanae Vitae

First, yes, I am still going to write up my “Part 2” on the JOOOOZ, specifically the people who don’t want Jews to convert and be saved, and thus censor anyone putting forth information that might actually convert Jews.

But first, just because it is big news today, we need to revisit a couple of things about Pope Paul VI Montini and the grave mortal sin of contraception.  Why? Because it is now being reported that the filthy, wretched Antipope, Jorge Bergoglio, has formed a commission to “re-interpret” Humanae Vitae, the document promulgated in ARSH 1968, which explicitly reaffirmed the consistent teaching of the Holy Catholic Church that contraception was grave mortal sin.

Of course Antipope Bergoglio is going to overthrow this.  I wrote a piece years ago explaining why.  The link is below, but in a nutshell, faggot priests, which Bergoglio and his minions are, want to put heterosexual sex between husbands and wives on the same plane as their filthy, disgusting acts of anal, oral and manual sodomy.  They hate God, and what they are doing is attacking God the only way that demons and their human analogues can, by dragging into hell as many people as they can.  In this case, they want to see as many normal, heterosexual, married people lost to hell for engaging in sex acts that are intentionally, willfully blocked to the transmission of life – just like all of the faggots and their depraved, perverse sex acts.

And how successful they have been.  Think about it.  In the world today, it is very reasonable to assume that the majority of sex acts that occur are intentionally sterile, and not because the majority of humans are sodomites, but because almost everyone, including married people, in the post-Christian West and almost all of East Asia, including China, contracept.

Here’s the link to the original piece from 30 January, ARSH 2012 titled, “THE ENTIRE, SAD CONTRACEPTION ISSUE EXPLAINED”.

Next, a reminder about the document Humanae Vitae itself.



Pope Paul VI was a notorious sodomite. He took the Papal name “Paul” not after the Apostle to the Gentiles, but after one of his steady and preferred sodomy partners, an Italian movie star named Paolo Carlini. Remember how we have discussed the fact that Diabolical Narcissists derive intense satisfaction from rubbing people’s faces in their crimes and sins? Carlini had the run of the Apostolic Palace in Milan while Montini was the Cardinal Archbishop there, frequently being seen walking about the halls in the pre-dawn hours of the night, and, sure enough, he was also a familiar face to the Swiss Guards, seen coming and going from the Apostolic Palace in the wee hours after Montini ascended to the Throne of Peter.  Paul VI Montini himself, perhaps racked by some last vestiges of shame and guilt, would frequently be found in the mornings by his staff, lying in the fetal position on the floor of his room, sobbing uncontrollably. The man was a complete train wreck, in addition to being a lying, backstabbing fiend.

And, we can see that this whole business of laymen having gay sex with priests and bishops inside the Vatican that we have today is just a continuation of what was going on before and not some sort of a new sodomitical movement.

Remember this when Antipope Bergoglio “canonizes” Montini a saint.

Anyway, Paul VI, being a faggot, a Communist and a Freemason was ALL ABOUT ratifying contraception, and he told all of his Commie-faggot buddies from the Lodge that he would do just that. But Good Cardinal Ottaviani saved the day. And the Commie-faggots never forgave Paul VI.  This is why people say that Paul VI died “universally hated”.  The Catholics knew what he was, and knew what his Missal was, and the Freemasons, Commies and faggots all thought that he had double-crossed them, or at minimum chickened out.  That is why they openly rebelled against Humanae Vitae, and why Paul VI cracked down on bishops who DEFENDED “Paul VI’s own document”.

Read the whole story HERE.

Paolo Carlini is the guest, on the left, introduced at 0:24.


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