Manchester: The Brutal Truth


It is by now widely reported that the concert in Manchester, England that was bombed by a member-in-good-standing of the islamic political system was by an American singer named Ariana Grande, and that Grande’s target audience was pre-teen and teen aged girls.  Grande is a product of the odious Nickelodeon children’s cable channel machine, second only to Disney in its perversity and aggression in its attack on children’s souls.

Not knowing anything about Grande, I did less than five minutes of reasearch and was stunned – yes, even in my severely jaded state I was stunned – by what I found.

Ariana Grande’s “music” is, very simply, pornography.  EVERY SONG, and I do mean EVERY SONG has exactly the same theme: the physical, mechanical act of sex, including manual, oral and anal sodomy.  And almost always with mildly retarded black men (because most of her songs “feature” a rapper).



Ariana Grande’s target audience is pre-pubescent girls.  The eight-year old girl that was killed in the Manchester jihad attack and has become the face of the event, Saffie Rose Roussos, was Ariana Grande’s TARGET demographic.  We will come back to Saffie Rose in a moment.

First, we need to manfully face what we are dealing with in terms of Ariana Grande and the entire “entertainment” machine in the post-Christian world.  Ariana Grande’s biggest hit is a song called “Side to Side”.  All the little girls know this song by heart, and sing along with gusto. Here is the end of the chorus:

This the new style with the fresh type of flow
Wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle
Come true yo, get you this type of blow
If you wanna menage I got a tricycle


“Wrist icicle” is when someone manually masturbates a man, he ejaculates, and the giver then has ejaculate dripping from their wrist.


“Ride dick bicycle”, fairly obvious, woman-on-top copulation.


“Blow”, oral sex.


“If you wanna MÉNAGE”, ménage a trois, fornication/sodomy with three people.


The title of the song, “Side to Side” references the main part of the chorus:

I’ve been here all night
I’ve been here all day
And boy, got me walkin’ side to side
I’ve been here all night
I’ve been here all day
And boy, got me walkin’ side to side (Side to side)

“Boy got me walkin’ side to side” means that she, the singer, or the eight year old girls who put themselves in the singer’s place as they emulate her, has been engaging in so much rough fornication and sodomy that she is unable to walk straight, or with a limping gait, due to soreness or even internal damage.


Folks, this is one of Grande’s MILDER songs.

To prove that I’m not making a mountain out of a molehill, and that I haven’t simply cherry-picked an obscure Grande song, here is a clip of Grande appearing on the lesbian sodomite Ellen DeGeneres’ show, and DeGeneres, who herself targets young girls as part of her afternoon talk show demographic, asks Grande about these lyrics specifically, and then Grande goes on to PERFORM THE SONG.  Note that Grande herself projects as a young teenager, complete with ponytail and fringe bangs. And DeGeneres knew EXACTLY what “dick bicycle” meant.  It was all part of trying to sexualize and scandalize.  This is why I say, and will say until the day I die that ALL SEX PERVERTS, ALL SODOMITES BOTH MALE AND FEMALE, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, ARE A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO ALL CHILDREN.  Sodomites are vampiric, and being Diabolical Narcissists they, by definition, hate and want to crush all goodness, innocence, happiness and ultimately faith out wherever they find it.  And kids tend to wear those things on their sleeves. Fricking demoniac monsters.

The other thing I was struck by in my cursory research of Grande’s song lyrics is the blasphemy and direct praise of sin qua sin.  It is satanic.

Song: “Right There”
Rap interlude by “Big Sean”:
You know I have some girls missionary (Oh),
My black book of numbers thicker than the dictionary,
And Bible? I got it recycled.

That’s blasphemy, folks.


Song: “Bad Decisions”
You’ve become my favorite sin

Song: “Side to Side”
Cause tonight I’m making deals with the devil
And I know it’s gonna get me in trouble….

So, let’s get back to young Saffie Rose Roussos after establishing this context.

Are you ready for some seriously hard-core confrontation?

Who was Saffie Rose Roussos’ greatest enemy?  Was it that musloid piece of shit that murdered her body?  I say no.  I say that Saffie Rose Roussos’ greatest enemy in this life was her mother.  Her mother bought her Grande’s music, bought her the tickets to this public performance of pornography, and happily watched as her EIGHT YEAR OLD DAUGHTER sang and danced along with Grande’s stage show.  Oh, wait.  I forgot to tell you about Grande’s stage show.  Non-stop aping of sex acts and – wait for it – GLORIFICATION OF HOMOSEXUALITY.  Guys grinding and thrusting on guys, girls making out with girls, all under the omnipresent Rainbow Flag of Sodomy and Perversion.  Saffie Rose’s mother took her to a live porn show.  Saffie Rose’s mother is lying critically wounded in a hospital, not aware that her daughter is dead.

If Saffie Rose’s mother survives, and if this were a morally sane Christian culture, she should be arrested and tried for felony child sex abuse, namely distributing and displaying pornography and obscenity to a child. The fact that Saffie Rose is dead not only DOES NOT mitigate the crime, it makes it all the more serious.

The musloid piece of shit had no power over Saffie Rose’s soul.  Killing someone, and in the case of Saffie Rose, killing someone almost instantly, does not scandalize, corrupt, or drive the person into hell.  What the musloid piece of shit did is deprive Saffie Rose of not only her natural life given to her by God, and only God’s to take away, but it deprived Saffie Rose of the chance to ever convert/revert to Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.  I know that a BUNCH of you  reading this are converts or reverts.  Do you ever think about what would have become of you – us – had we died before we made it into The Church?  Yeah.  Well, for Saffie Rose, the state of her soul is locked-in.  She will never go to Mass, receive the Eucharist, hear the words of absolution in the confessional and KNOW what it means.  I will return at the end to Saffie Rose’s eternal fate and the possibilities there.

Now returning to the musloids.  Let us compare the post-Christian neo-pagan west to the musloid culture.  As I exposed in my video, “Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil”, there is no culture on this planet with higher per capita rates of child sex abuse, sodomy, sexual perversion and Diabolical Narcissism than the musloid culture.  A child in a musloid culture that escapes rape or molestation has beaten the odds.  And we also know that lying and mendacity are key pillars and foundational planks of musloid culture. We all know this.

Now, consider, that even musloids, as satanic and far-gone as they are, when confronted about child sex abuse will, out of some deep, deep, DEEP vestigial sense of right and wrong, DENY that they sexually abuse their children, and will lyingly claim that child abuse is a high crime in musloid culture. It’s all bullshit, but at least they try to bullshit you.

Now, look at post-Christian, neo-pagan culture.  If you or I or anyone confronts the likes of Saffie Rose’s mother about the fact that she is trafficking pornography and sexual obscenity to her own daughter, the response will come instantly:

Damn right! Girl power! Who are you to judge? How dare you throw your rigorist fundamentalism at me? You’re sick with your obsession with your antiquated dogmas and medieval laws! I’m teaching my daughter about LOVE and TOLERANCE and INCLUSION and LOVE!  All you do is judge and hate!

Musloids cut the clitorises of eight year old girls like Saffie Rose out with rusty razor blades, and then turn them into de facto sex slaves.  Are we so far gone, so breathtakingly stupid and blind, that we actually believe that the antidote to that, the proper response, it to turn our little girls into the most revolting, disgusting class of uber-sluts humankind has yet seen?  BECAUSE THAT’LL SHOW ‘EM!  Make no mistake, that is EXACTLY the road that Saffie Rose’s mother had her on.

I repeat my position:  Saffie Rose’s mother was a far worse enemy to Saffie Rose than the musloid piece of shit who killed her.  The musloid went for Saffie Rose’s body to kill it.  Saffie Rose’s mother went for her own daughter’s soul.

So, to Saffie Rose’s soul. I do not know if she was baptized.  She was eight years old.  Right on the edge of what the Church holds as “the Age of Reason”.  She was clearly raised in a home with a depraved, wildly negligent mother, in a wildly post-Christian culture.  Baptism is by no means assured.  The clear depravity of her mother is a huge mitigating circumstance, obviously.  Saffie Rose has all kinds of mitigating circumstances because of her youth.  BUT.  We must not forget the Dogma of Original Sin.  If she was not baptized, then we know she is not in heaven.  The question becomes, is she in hell, having reached the Age of Reason and having died wallowing in such sin and depravity, OR was she too young to be held accountable, and now rests eternally in the Limbo of the Innocents.

I gotta tell you, just now, typing the words Limbo of the INNOCENTS, I shuddered.  Saffie Rose died young, and died at the hands of a musloid murderer, but she did NOT die INNOCENT.  Words have meaning, and Saffie Rose was not INNOCENT.  Her mother made damn sure of that, didn’t she?

Finally, a word about the Divine Providence.

We know from not only the Saints and Church Fathers, but also from the words of Our Lord and Savior Himself in the Gospels, that sometimes children die because God knows that it is the best possible outcome.  Remember that Our Lord said of Judas Iscariot that because of his betrayal and despair, and thus Judas’ eternal damnation, it would have been better for him to have never been born.  What this means is that if Judas had been miscarried, and thus consigned to the Limbo of the Innocents, stained with Original Sin, but not guilty of any personal sin, which is to say eternally reposed in that domain of hell which consists of perfect natural happiness, but is completely outside the Beatific Vision, it would have been so much better than the depths of hell complete with unending torment that Judas now enjoys.  Further, if Judas is in fact saved, then Our Lord’s words that it would have been better had Judas never been born would be nonsensical.

The point is, Saffie Rose was on a very, very, very bad path.  Consider the possibility that the Divine Providence permitted her to be taken now, because that is the best possible outcome for Saffie Rose, whatever that outcome is.

The Saints and Doctors of the Church all teach consistently that the islamic political system has been permitted to rise by the Divine Providence specifically to act as a scourge against Christendom when needed.

We are seeing, right now, before our very eyes, the musloid political system rolling over, raping, pillaging (mostly via government “welfare”) and murdering AS A JUST SCOURGING OF FORMERLY CHRISTIAN LANDS THAT HAVE UTTERLY TURNED THEIR BACK ON GOD TO AN EXTENT NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN HUMAN HISTORY.

Ariana Grande announced just today that she will return to Manchester and perform a Memorial Benefit Concert.

This the new style with the fresh type of flow
Wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle
Come true yo, get you this type of blow
If you wanna ménage I got a tricycle

Until Ariana Grande and her managers and promoters are arrested for public obscenity, and Saffie Rose’s mother is arrested and charged with felony child sex abuse, and men turn back to Jesus Christ, the Scourge of islam will continue to rape, pillage and kill.

I’m not optimistic.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on the soul of Saffie Rose Roussos.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.