TOLDYA: Tolerance now requires participation in faggotry

From the mailbag:

Subject: Tolerance now requires participation in faggotry


Some time ago you predicted that tolerance of faggotry will morph into participation in faggotry, or execution. I work for [well-known aerospace firm] as an engineering supervisor and our new parent company, [even bigger aerospace firm], now requires special “tolerance” training for straight white males in leadership roles.


I can sit and listen to any degeneracy, but we were required to hug each other for at least 10 seconds, literally, to desensitize us to participation in acts of faggotry. They were open about the reason we were to do this. I was the sole person of about 30 to refuse. Then when the lisping fag teacher started screeching at me I walked out. Since the training was mandatory and I walked out I can be fired for that, and probably will be.



Be assured of our prayers, B.  Your reward for this act of personal integrity will not be in this world, but in heaven.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.