Three TOLDYAs and Something Beautiful


Conscienceless Psychopath Murderer Aaron Hernandez was also a … wait for it… sodomite.

Huh.  It’s almost as if the whole shameless, remorseless, conscienceless, diabolical narcissism thing is somehow correlated to or begets sexual perversion.  Hmmm. Someone should make a video about that, or something.

But Ann! But Ann! Most guys in prison engage in sodomy! You can’t judge Hernandez’ actions while in prison!

Um, first, yes I sure as hell can. As someone for whom being imprisoned is a possible eventuality, let me assure you that I would die – DIE – before being coerced into any sexual activity, much less aberrosexual behavior. DIE.

Second, Hernandez was a fag outside of prison, and apparently murdered one of his victims because the victim knew that Hernandez was a fag, and was threatening to tell Hernandez’ girlfriend.

Remember folks, aberrosexuality and criminality go hand-in-hand precisely because both are derivative of the same over-arching pathology: Diabolical Narcissism, that is when a human being voluntarily purges all love from their soul – just like the demons freely chose to do.  Hence the term “DIABOLICAL Narcissism”. While many folks are shocked that Hernandez, a big butch football player covered in tattoos, was a fag, I can’t say that I am.  Evil is evil. Criminals are criminals. And sodomy is a crime, according to both the Natural Law and the Divine Law. It’s all of a piece.

And one more reminder.  The gravest form of sexual crime is SACRILIGIOUS sodomy and/or fornication.  Know anyone, cleric or layperson, who has sex/sodomy with priests or religious? Well, their sins make Hernandez look like a damn piker.

And, it bears mentioning, in true Diabolical Narcissist fashion, Hernandez scrawled “John 3: 16” on his forehead and also – which most reportage leaves out – used the same red marker to draw the Five Wounds of Christ on his hands, feet and side.  Yeah.  Because Aaron Hernandez, drug-addled murdering sodomite, was a victim like Jesus, or something.  Typical.


Paul Craig Roberts penned a piece that was brought to my attention today wherein he posits that the Trump presidency might just be a big marketing racket to Trump. I quote Roberts now:

Where is Trump? As far as I can tell from the numerous emails I receive from him, he is at work marketing his presidency. Once Trump won the election, I began receiving endless offers to purchase Trump baseball caps, T-shirts, cuff-links, coffee mugs, and to donate $3 to be entered into a raffle to win some memorabilia. The latest offer is a chance to win one of “personally signed five incredible photographs of our historic and massive inauguration.”

For Trump, the presidency is a fund-raising device. If his VP, National Security Advisor, Secretary of Defense, UN Ambassador, CIA Director, whoever, want to start wars wherever, that’s just more memorabilia to raffle off for a $3 donation.

Ya think?  Look folks, Trump is WAY the hell in over his head. He is NOT an intelligent man.  The open reportage is that he watches cable news all day.  What genuinely intelligent person watches cable news?  And worse, he watches his “enemies” and then sits around and plans how to retaliate. Never mind that the sucking maw of the healthcare system is about to go supernova.  No.  Trump needs to spend his days figuring out how to “fire back” at Rachel Maddow. And the no-talents at Saturday Night Live. It reminds me of the people who spend hours upon hours having pissing matches in Facebook and Twitter echo chambers – and think that they’re actually doing something.

*Hey, I’ll fully admit that Barry Soetoro Obama watched ESPN all day, and Trump clearly isn’t into “big, sweaty mens” like Obama is, so he watches Cable News.  It’s a step up, but not much of one.


Chris Ferrara of The Remnant Newspaper published a piece late last week over at that reads very much like an all-but endorsement of the “Canon 188 Substantial Error Thesis” that I put forth last summer which, I believe, is the explanation of how Antipope Bergoglio has usurped the See of Peter, and Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger remains the one and only living pope, never having validly resigned.  I’ll let you read Chris’ piece HERE.


Look!  Young people being excellent! And such beauty! There is such a haunting sadness in Russian vocal harmony. And the lyrics, even in translation, are exquisite.

And no, I do NOT believe that Russia has been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary yet per Our Lady of Fatima’s order almost exactly one hundred years ago.  No serious person does.


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.