TWO Masses Now Being Offered For the Thieves That Broke Into My House!


Satan always loses in the end.

Now the poor, miserable souls that broke into my place yesterday and stole my April rent money will have TWO Masses offered for their repentance, conversion or reversion, and eternal salvation: there will be one today – Wednesday, and another this weekend.

I hope to meet them in heaven after my bajillion yearlong purgation, should I make it.  Anything is possible, folks, and God most certainly does write straight on crooked lines.  I guess we’ll all find out at the General Judgment how this little episode works out.

Also, while you are praying for the thieves, should you choose to do so, also remember the “Five Champagne Communists” who are my particular Lenten intention.


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.