A Heartfelt Thanks and Warmest Christmas Wishes

I know that I don’t do enough, and don’t write enough here.  But, as so many people say, “reading Barnhardt generally makes me want to go hang myself.” Yes, I know. If it makes you feel that bad reading it, try to imagine how it feels to write it.  The past two years, especially, have been one staggering, soul-killing scandal and disappointment after another, seasoned liberally with natural disaster. I wish I could say that I see a turnaround coming – I know many of you believe that this Trump situation is just that.  I’m sorry that I can’t join in the sentiment.  I think ARSH 2017 is going to be a year in which God’s wrath is unleashed, and the angel’s cry of “Penence! Penance! Penance!” Will ring out over the earth.  So, please, enjoy this Christmas. Savor the little things.

One thing that I was thinking that I would like to do for my benefactors and supporters (y’all), if possible, is increase the number of Masses that are said for them.  Right now, we are at one Mass per week.  If I could find six more priests who celebrate either the Traditional Roman Rite OR the Divine Liturgy  and would be willing to commemorate my benefactors and supporters one day per week, we could have The Holy Sacrifice of Calvary offered for your intentions and the salvation of your souls EVERY DAY.  Any priests who might be interested, please drop me an email.

Please be assured of my daily prayers for you, such as they are, both in the Rosary and at Mass, specifically at the elevation of The Host, as the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ is eternally offered to The Father, with the deepest gratitude for your consistent munificence.  I will try to continue writing and posting things that help in clarifying current events, and sounding the warning on the dangers – of which there are a seemingly inexhaustible supply – bearing down on us.  The point of this website was and is, hopefully, just to help.  The fact that it keeps me fed and watered, and with a roof over my head, and a source of heat, and an internet connection, is not and was never my intention.  It just worked out that way, whether I like it or not. Be assured that in the deep recesses of my ethnically German-Protestant soul, I consider myself, at least partially, a fraud, my living at least partially dishonest, and expect that I will answer for this at my judgment.  Are these the pangs of genuine conscience, or satan trying to get me to shut up?  I doubt I will ever know the answer, firmly, in this life.  But I know I’ll find out at my Particular Judgment.

So, please, please have a Merry Christmas.  Try to help the people around you have a Merry Christmas, too.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men of goodwill.

The Nativity of Christ, Matteo Rosselli, ARSH 1620, Church of Saints Michael and Cajetan, Florence, early 1600s.

The Nativity of Christ, Matteo Rosselli, early 1600s, Church of Saints Michael and Cajetan, Florence.


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