Antipope Bergoglio's Next Angle of Attack: Priestly Celibacy

A while back I received an email from a priest who converted to Catholicism as a Protestant clergyman, and was thus ordained a Catholic priest. This priest was married, and thus is now one of the “married priests” in The Church.

I won’t republish the email, because it is too personal, and could give away this particular priest’s identity, but I will state the gist of it in broad strokes.

After reading my essay on Why Priests Can Only Ever Be Men, and learning of the nuptial aspect of the Mass, the Eucharist and the Priesthood itself, and after showing it to his wife, the priest and his wife decided together that they should live in continence – that is, they should cease conjugal relations.  Folks, odds are that most of the Apostles were married.  We know St. John was NOT married.  We KNOW that St. Peter was either married or a widower – because the house of Peter’s mother-in-law is the scene of events recorded in the Gospels.  Common sense tells us that at least some of the other Apostles were probably married.  What I can tell you is that when these men were ordained priests and bishops by Our Lord Jesus Christ, they stopped having conjugal relations with their wives.  The espousal to Christ and His Holy Church, and the nuptial nature of the Eucharist Itself almost by definition implies this.

I bring this up because the next item on the agenda for the demonic wretch Bergoglio and his minions is the destruction of priestly celibacy.  So many look at the situation in the Church with the priesthood being so widely infected by filthy, disgusting, sacregilious sodomites and say, “Good! If priests can be married, then we’ll drive out all of the fags!”  Um, no.  I realize it is tempting to believe that, but that isn’t how it will play out.

What Antipope Bergoglio will start by doing is reinstating the priestly faculties of laicized priests who kept concubines and some fathered children, were caught in their sleazy, disgusting, sacrilegious double-lives, and were thus drummed out and laicized.  So, men who offered the Holy Sacrifice while literally committing adultery against Jesus Christ and His Church, to whom they were espoused – these sleazebags who should spend the rest of their lives begging God to have mercy on their souls, THESE will be the first in line to be reinstated.  And, let’s not sugarcoat this, many of these priests would “absolve” their concubines.  I don’t know if you remember last year when Antipope Bergoglio sent out his “minions of mercy” to absolve the sins reserved to the Holy See.  Well, one of those exceptionally grave sins is the sin of a priest fornicating with a person (male or female), and then “hearing their confession” and “absolving” their sin against the 6th Commandment, which the confessor and confessee DID TOGETHER.  Oh, no.  No, no, no.  Very, very wicked.  Like, satanic.  And, of course, any such confession is invalid.

These priests are not the sort that anyone except a Freemason hellbent on destroying the Church would want.  I am reminded of the uber-sleazy minor celebrity priest who carried on openly with his trashy, yet politically connected concubine (amongst many others) in Rome, even fathering a child with her, and always tending bar at all of her house parties.  Well, finally actual, believing Catholics had seen enough of this deplorable scandal, assembled a dossier and gave the priest an ultimatum: either come clean or we will publicly expose you, but either way, this stops.

So, the priest called all of his contacts in the media, got himself a job lined up, and then scheduled the wedding.  It was quite an event, the bride wore a designer gown – snow white, of course, because what else would a middle-aged woman who had birthed four children, all to married men, including one by a priest whom she carried on with openly for over a decade, wear?  But wait, it gets so much worse.  This priest and his concubine then joined a wedding gift website service and solicited CASH GIFTS for their wedding, posting pictures of themselves in romantic poses.  But wait, just when you thought the depths of mathematically unquantifiable trashiness had been plumbed, it gets so much worse.  The sacreligious couple ordered custom party favors for their wedding reception – corkscrews (yes, a phallic symbol) with “Love Conquers All” custom inscribed on them in Latin.  Yes, love “conquers all”, in the case of this couple the “conquered all” being Jesus Christ, His Holy Church, and vows made there to, apparently.  BUT WAIT.  I haven’t told you worst part yet.  This sacreligious couple did ALL OF THIS while the priest was still a priest – the laicization didn’t come through until a few days before the wedding – the bride/concubine’s very politically connected mother was dispatched in a frenzy to “get the papers signed” inside of one week of the wedding.  Stop and think about that.  Can these people TRULY have been sorry for what they had done, and their years of mortal sin, if they did all of the things recounted above BEFORE THE PRIEST WAS EVEN LAICIZED? The whole thing is one big F-YOU to Jesus Christ, His Church and the priesthood.  Do you see why Antipope Bergoglio is keen to get these wicked priests, and their gutter-slag wives, back on the altar?

Folks, don’t romanticize this.  These priests who took up with concubines are mostly Diabolical Narcissist sociopaths or psychopaths.  These are bad people, doing exceptionally bad things, to prove that they are an “elite” to whom the rules simply do not apply.  They are THE LAST PEOPLE that The Church needs in these dark, dark days.  Don’t think that just because they are straight, or at minimum bisexual, that they are “good priests”.  They are just as wicked, perverted and demonic as the fags.  In fact, most of these priests are “gay positive”, and will be less than zero help in the mortal combat against the sodomites.

Also, I am reminded of the old saying: “When a man marries his mistress, a vacancy opens in that position.” Won’t it be fun when Antipope Bergoglio’s crop of reinstated married sacreligious fornicator priests start getting divorced?  Hmmmm.  I wonder if they will get their annulments fast-tracked too?

Now, let’s go back to the good priest that I heard from, who has realized what exactly the priesthood is, what the Mass is, and what the Eucharist is, and has, exactly like the Apostles, chosen, along with his wife, to live in continence for the rest of his life.  THESE are the sort of men we need.  THAT is a good and holy priest, a man willing to give up something good for something infinitely better.  THAT is a priest who truly loves Our Lord and His Holy Church, who loves the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and loves Our Eucharistic Lord.  And, let us not forget his wife, also a good woman, and a good Catholic, who has chosen the better part.

Consider the chaos (hagan lio!) that will come from this, as poorly catechized priests of shallow faith see the very priests who committed adultery against Our Lord and His Church REWARDED and celebrated by the Antipope. Consider the chaos (hagan lio!) when heterosexual priests start demanding that they be released from their vows of celibacy, “in justice” given the reinstatement of priests who treated their vows of celibacy as a joke, and were “rewarded” with marriage and reinstatement.

Please, don’t fall for the fallacy that any priest that has sex with females is “a good priest”.

What a world that I have to write the previous sentence. Ugh.

Christ, have mercy.


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