Mailbag: When Charity Demands A Rigid, Black and White Response


I must share a sin that I committed 16 years ago that I simply cannot forgive myself and think that I should not. I paid for an abortion for my youngest daughter after she became pregnant with a drug-infested boy along with herself consuming meth for quite some time during their “romance”. I am not making excuses for this abortion and I think about what I did every single day since. I think about what should have been and how wrong this decision was. God, how I wish I could turn back time. I am not Catholic but every Christmas Eve I drive to a local Catholic church where they have a display of crosses where each one represents one million babies being aborted. I pull over and pray for my daughter, myself and my unborn grandchild. Of course tears flow freely every year. I carry this guilt with me and I know that the day where I have to answer for this grave sin will come to pass.

I don’t really know why I share this with you but felt compelled to do so. I pray for forgiveness as well as for other people and things. Thank you for all your articles.




Unless you enter the Catholic Church and confess this sin sacramentally, you will spend eternity in hell. Yes, you procured the murder of your own innocent grandchild, and because you murdered the child thus depriving it of baptism, the child will never see God, but spend eternity in the Limbo of the Innocents. Your action not only snuffed out an innocent human life, but, even worse, guaranteed that another human being will never, ever see God. This is why the sin of abortion is so exceptionally grave.

Christ will forgive you and wants to forgive you, but so long as you remain outside His Church, He simply can’t forgive you because to reject His Church, which is The Catholic Church, is to reject Him.

I have explained this to you clearly and bluntly. If you refuse to do what is outlined above, you will have no one to blame. You can no longer claim ignorance.

Be assured of my prayers.


(For further reading on the utterly critical truth of the supernatural consequences of murdering pre-born children, please see The One About… DO ABORTED BABIES GO TO HEAVEN?

Also, it might be a good idea to review “There Is No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church (Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus)”)

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