Obligatory Antipapal Feces-Eating Sexual Fetish Post

So, are we ready to man up and face the fact that Bergoglio is NOT the Vicar of Christ yet? The guy is railing publicly about sexual arousal from eating feces in order to discredit people who report on what exactly it is that he and his Freemasonic-Communist-sodomite henchmen are doing.

“Fake News” is the new meme and buzzword that the global forces of Antichrist, with Bergoglio being the center around which everything seems to be revolving, will use to discredit ALL reportage on their activities. Speaking of which, the highly respected Vatican reporter Edward Pentin, a credit to his race, has an interview out in Regina magazine that is very informative about the climate inside the Vatican under the Bergoglian Antipapacy.  And let me repeat something that I heard earlier this year from a very credible source in Rome which complements Pentin’s piece: within the Vatican and the Curia, there is fairly open talk of Bergoglio being an Antipope – it is just that the vice of effeminacy is so intense that no one is willing to do anything about it, and the settled strategy is to wait for Bergoglio to die.  But make no mistake, Ann Barnhardt and Louie Verrechio are not the only people that believe that Bergoglio is not the Pope – not that numbers matter.  Unlike so many other people, I would rather be right, that is to say, be in conformity to the Truth and The Real, and alone in a corner, than wrong in a group.

I’m really not sure what more it is going to take for people to acknowledge the glaringly obvious reality that is right in front of them: Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger’s SUBSTANTIALLY ERRONEOUS “mostly-but-not-completely” resignation has resulted in the ascendancy and Antipapacy of a man who serious people are now openly speculating might be demonically possessed.

Possession is one thing, but I can tell you that he is clearly demonically OPPRESSED. I can tell you that Bergoglio is clearly a Diabolical Narcissist and probable psychopath.  Heck, his own Jesuit superior, the recently deceased Farther Peter Hans Kolvenbach, classed Bergoglio as a sociopath when JPII was preparing to elevate him to bishop. I think Bergoglio is demoniacal, and probably the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist. It really isn’t complicated.  Antipope Bergoglio’s agenda is crystal, crystal clear: Destroy the Catholic Church and replace it with a humanistic One World Religion, subject to a One World Government.  It is called FREEMASONRY.  Just the other day, he stated explicitly, once again, that Confessional States (states that acknowledge the Sovereign Kingship of Jesus Christ) are inferior to secular states:

There is a healthy secularism, for instance, the secularism of the State. In general, a secular State is a good thing; it is better than a confessional State, because confessional States finish badly.

SSPX, are you listening? Bergoglio utterly, openly rejects the Social Kingship of Christ, and despises and accuses of mental instability and hidden deep-seated immorality anyone who loves the Mass of the Ages.  Why IN THE WORLD would you believe that his intentions toward you are anything other than malevolent?

Anyway, now some notes on coprophagia. If you don’t want to read about that subject, I understand. Stop here.

First, Bergoglio’s habit of referring to coprophilia is not new, and was reported on Within 24 hours of his faux-election.

Next, the sexual fetish revolving around excrement is not as uncommon as one would think.  If one stops and thinks about anal sodomy, oral sodomy, and about the very common fetish among faggots for oral-anal sex (referred to as “rimming” or “eating ass”), one realizes very quickly that the consumption of excrement is common amongst faggots.  In my Diabolical Narcissism video, I explain that all aberrosexualities, by definition, revolve around the demonic emotional palate of anger, hatred, jealousy and fear.  Can you imagine the depths of the hatred faggots and other sex perverts must feel for their sodomitical partners, and for themselves, to ask others to do something so utterly vile as get fecal matter in their mouth? Can you imagine the depths of depravity of a human being that would consent to do such a thing themselves?

I first came across coprophilia when I read “The Pink Swastika”, a book about the homosexuality of Hitler and nearly all of the upper-level Nazis.  Hitler was a sodomite, but like most sodomites did have sexual encounters with women.  In Hitler’s case, there were four women that he had sexual encounters with (and Eva Braun was not one of them), and each of the four went on to attempt suicide.  Two were successful in murdering themselves, two failed. What would cause women to attempt suicide after sex? Having Adolf Hitler defecate into their mouths.

What this fetish is about is power, and contempt for other human beings.  It is about degrading the other person, and thus giving the ultimate reinforcement to the Diabolical Narcissist’s pathological need to believe himself separate, above and infinitely superior to other human beings. Isn’t the phrase, “Eat my shit” used to express complete disdain and the highest levels of contempt? Faggots and other varieties of sex perverts experience sexual pleasure and gratification from this hatred and contempt.

And once again, I’ll bring up that oh-so-awkward question: Do we now see why sodomy is a CAPITAL OFFENSE in the Divine Law, specifically recorded as such in the Mosaic Law? It is because the very capacity to commit sodomitical acts points directly to a demonic level of hatred and desire to murder the souls of other human beings.  The more perverse the act, the more dangerous the DN that commits it – with Hitler being a prime example. Another example is Mao, for whom the murder of his sex partners within the context of the sexual act became standard.  And, of course, islam, which creates entire populations of sodomites, pedophiles, necrophiliacs, and bestialists.  I made a little video about that.  Maybe you’ve seen it.

Now back to Antipope Bergoglio.  I have said since the beginning that I didn’t get the sense that Bergoglio was himself a faggot.  I must admit that I am now rethinking that.  He is clearly a DN psychopath, and has assembled around him a cadre of faggots, with many of them being pedophiles/ephebophiles.  And now we have his rantings on a fetish that is if not common, then at least very well-known amongst faggots.  Further, we cannot overlook what has become his incessant, near-daily dogwhistling to faggots with the terms “tenderness” and “caressing”. Make no mistake – that is what that is. It isn’t a joke anymore.  He is actively recruiting faggots to his cause, and signaling that they will be specially protected. At this point, it would require the willful suspension of disbelief to not at least suspect that Bergoglio is himself sexually perverted. I don’t think we can chock this up to a mere political alliance with the Gay Mafia.

And, of course, we have the satanic document “Amoris Laetitia”, which as we have covered here before, was specifically given this name, in Latin, a language which Bergoglio and his cadre despise, precisely because “Amoris” in Classical Latin refers to homosexual sodomy. They named this document, which was specifically designed to schism The Church and drive souls into hell, “The Exuberance of Sodomy”.

Finally, a reader letter:


Can you please repost your original article you penned when Bergoglio first appeared on the Vatican balcony? I am sure lots of readers (myself included) would like to read it again. At the time I thought you were a bit over the top, but oh my word were you spot on! EVERYTHING you said at that time was exactly right.


Dear J,
I was wrong about Bergoglio actually being the pope.  Here are the links:

(penned approximately six hours before Antipope Bergoglio’s faux-election)

(penned the morning after Antipope Bergoglio’s faux-election)

(penned on March 16, ARSH 2013, after Antipope Bergoglio’s first Mass in the Sistine Chapel)




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