Web Hubbell's Little Girl Yet Needs to be Kept In Stockings and Gin….

Not to put a damper on the whole “The Clintons are FINISHED!” celebration, but…


Word is that she is every bit the psychopath that her parents are.  Well, her mother, Hillary and her putative father, Billy Jeff.  Web Hubbell didn’t raise her.  And frankly, growing up in that demoniacal mess, who among us is surprised? But, psychopaths are psychopaths, and this one is under 40 years of age, and has become accustomed to a certain level of comfort, and she will not give it up. Not on your life.  What the Clintons are probably doing right now, this very minute, is developing a strategy for Chelsea.  They are deciding how long they are going to “lay low”, coordinating with the Soros machine, looking to establish “legit” charitable fronts to put Chelsea’s face on, etc. Look for a Chelsea Clinton senate campaign in a super-communist state within the next five years. The pay-to-play Clinton racket will continue.

This is why arch-criminals like the Clintons must be tried, and upon conviction either imprisoned or executed. Evil never rests. Evil never relents. And these people are evil.


Her name fits perfectly as the lyric to the Jaws Theme.






Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.