Quick Note on Cattle Marketing DVD Orders

Several folks have indicated that they have sent orders for my Cattle Marketing DVD set.  Many thanks!  Just a heads-up, my order fulfillment elves have taken their annual one week August vacation, and will return mid-week this week. So, don’t panic if you don’t see a check clear, etc.

If I may ask, could you say a prayer for my “order fulfillment elves” whose patience and loyalty in friendship to me personally has been stalwart over the years, and especially since I moved into “The Van Down By the (Waterway)”.  God is very smart, and knows all of the secret codenames.  If you pray for “Ann’s Elves”, The Omniscient Godhead knows EXACTLY to whom that refers. The intention would be for the salvation of their souls and for a hedge of earthly protection around them.  🙂


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