Thank you, and now back to work….

Well, enough of this unpleasant and awkward money business.

New cellphone procured – straight-up purchase, no plan nonsense, 150 bucks.  Switch the SIM card and Bob’s your uncle, as the Limeys say.  And I’m sure the drone targeting system is vastly more accurate now.  As is the voice recognition technology and microphone.  Seriously folks – NEVER take your phone into the Confessional.  Leave it at home, or with someone.  There are NO DEPTHS to which these people will not sink.  Blackmailing people with confessions, be it sacramental confession and/or “spiritual direction” (as with the evil, sacrilegious racketeering outfit Legion of Christ/Regnum Christi), or evil, faux-confession paradigms (as with “auditing” in Scientology or just so-called “psychotherapy” for that matter) – it’s one of the oldest plays in the book.  Assume that damn phone is not just on, but ACTIVELY LISTENING AND RECORDING at all times.

Diesel will be delivered next week. WHEW!

A load of firewood will come the week after that.

Apparently, there are a few people out there who share my position on Bergoglio.

Also, there are a few Nat King Cole fans.

I shall endeavor to oblige both in the coming weeks and months.

Be assured of my daily prayers, the weekly Masses, and whatever special “extras” I can finagle.

Now, back to work!

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.