Benefactor Mass Tuesdays Continue As Before & New Ann Interview on islam

I.  First, Benefactor Mass Tuesdays continue exactly as before, every Tuesday morning at 0830 Eastern Time in the Venerable Gregorian Rite.  As I covered in “Vocem Alienorum”, even if an antipope is commemorated at the Te Igitur, the Mass is still absolutely valid, the Eucharist is confected and the Holy and August Sacrifice is offered.  The priest who is saying these Masses for you every Tuesday has not told me whom he is commemorating, and if he has anything he wants me, and thus you all to know, it is up to him to tell me.

Remember, my (or your) coming to the realization that Bergoglio is an antipope in no way changed his state.  We have to keep reminding ourselves of this because our culture is so hyper-narcissistic that we all tend to believe that our minds create reality and truth.  If I am correct, which I obviously believe that I am, then Bergoglio has never been the pope, and every Mass with him commemorated at the Te Igitur has been illicit.  So, as I said, nothing has changed, except for my mind, which I believe is now more aligned with the truth, specifically on this question. And that’s all I care about at the end of the day.  NOTHING is more important than the truth.

And, while we are on the subject, THANK YOU for your continued munificence. Money is a fungible proxy for HUMAN LIFE; the capacity to labor, produce and create through time, and thus whenever money is donated from one person to another, what is happening is one person is literally giving a piece of their life away.  One hour’s wage, one day’s wage, etc.  And you will never, ever get that time back.  If you give me the equivalent of three hour’s wage, you can never, ever go back to those three hours and “re-earn” that money.  Once time is spent, it is spent.  That is a staggering thought. The very best thing I can do to repay you is to have the Holy Sacrifice of Calvary offered for you.  Most human beings never have a single Mass offered for them while they are yet alive, and sadly, only a very few have Masses offered for them after they have died.  It is truly wonderful that so many people are now having so many Masses offered for them while they yet live.  I suppose at the General Judgment we might all find out that this was the only reason that this website and all of this weird stuff happened – so that those Masses would be offered for you. And that is consoling.

II.  If you want the full plasma arc torch treatment of islam, what it is, and how it must be dealt with, I did an interview Saturday with young Elijah Johnson, which is embedded here below:

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.