Here Ya Go… The Diabolical Narcissism Video is Up

Finally!  Thanks be to God!!  And thanks to the anonymous videographer who really clamped down over the past few days and cranked this out.

As always, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE MIRRORING AND REPUBLISHING MY VIDEOS.  I make these things so that the information can get out into the world.  There is no copyright concern here.  And, as we learned from the Islamic Sexuality video presentation which was censored and scrubbed by YouTube from my channel, the best protection against censorship is mirroring and republishing these videos.  So have at it.

I will work on getting timestamps by topic done this week.  Then, if you guys want to pull out video excerpts by specific topic, that would be great.

I know it is long, but the truth is, this topic is so enormous and touches on so many aspects of life, that when I got done recording it I felt like I hadn’t really said anything.  Which is why I will have to continue fleshing all of these concepts out in writing here. But now that the video is here and you all can get a general overview, we can really accelerate the discussion on specific manifestions of DN in the world today.

And yes, this did cost me money to produce, so if you get any benefit out of it and would like to help out or help me out personally, that can be done here.  Remember, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered in the Venerable Gregorian Rite EVERY TUESDAY MORNING AT 0830 Easter Time for all of my Benefactors and supporters.

Thank you all for your patience and prayers.  Be assured of mine.


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