A Sick Realization and Other Notes

I.  I came to a truly nauseating realization this week.  I get a lot of emails from people asking about tax striking and all that.  The only piece of general, across-the-board advice I ever give is: do NOT file a false return.  If you’re ready to stop paying into the satanic putsch regime that is masquerading as the Constitutional Republic that we were born into and were citizens of, if you are ready to stop being effeminate and take up your cross, don’t file a false return.  Just don’t file.  But here is what stopped me in my tracks and made me sick.

I get lots of emails, and a non-trivial percentage of them, usually from younger people, say something like, “I want to resist, but I don’t pay taxes, I GET A REFUND CHECK EVERY YEAR.”

And then I realized what these people are thinking.  They don’t understand withholding.  Because people, especially younger people, really are that dumb.  If they get any sort of refund back, they actually think that they are “in the black” and paid less than zero tax.  You all scoff at this, but I’m telling you, people, especially younger people, really are this dumb.

II.  Another question I get frequently is, “So how would YOU deal with the fags and sex perverts?”  I have answered this before, but I’ll do it again.  I think that aberrosexuals should be dealt with through anti-obscenity laws.  It should be a class-A felony to produce, sell, traffic or display anything that depicts aberrosexuality or to engage in any aberrosexual behavior in public.  So, for example, Bruce Jenner would be arrested for appearing in public in drag – because that is an act of public obscenity.  If you are so far gone that you don’t understand that, then I look forward to NOT living in the same country as you.  Seriously.  I want to live in a nation that confesses Jesus Christ as Sovereign King, and all laws are subject to the Law of Christ.  So, these laws would be enforced by a combination of imprisonment and deportation.  Yes, I would absolutely support stripping people who are incorrigible, publicly manifesting aberrosexuals of their citizenship and deporting them.  Look folks, you better get your heads around the fact that we are SPRINTING towards a point where decent human beings who are not only actual, believing Christians, but merely people who believe in the Natural Law are simply not going to be able to live in the same society as the “post-human” population.  There is going to have to be a massive, permanent segregation.  These sex perverts will never, ever, ever relent.  They will not stop until they have either physically murdered or vampirically transformed (spiritually murdered) every single human being into aberrosexual monstrosities like themselves.  They are diabolical, and like the demons, they will never, ever back off or self-correct.

Look, I know it’s really awkward and uncomfortable, but we all need to face the facts.  In the Mosaic Law, aberrosexuality was punishable by death.  We all need to man up and ask ourselves as Christians, “Okay, why?”  The answer to that question is being answered right now.  Aberrosexuality was a capital offense because it is derivative of Diabolical Narcissism, and Diabolical Narcissists MURDER HUMAN SOULS.  If a person is so far descended into DN that they are lusting after people of the same sex, or desiring to mutilate their bodies and parade around as a member of the opposite sex, or have sex with children, dead bodies, animals or whatever, then they are a clear and present danger to the souls of those around them.  It is that simple.

If a person walks outside right now and someone drives by with an Uzi and pumps him full of bullets and murders his body, does that, in and of itself, have anything to do with his soul and whether or not he goes to heaven or hell?  Nope.  He had every chance to die in a state of grace, and hopefully, he did.

But if a DN sex pervert scandalizes him such that he loses his faith and descends into Diabolical Narcissism himself, does that have anything to do with the ETERNAL FATE OF HIS SOUL?  You’re darn right it does. Think of it this way: if you walked out into the hall and there was a king cobra reared in full hood in the middle of the hallway, what would you do?  You’d haul your ass back into the bedroom AND SHUT THE DOOR.  You would get away from it, and then put a barrier between you and the cobra.  It is exactly the same with these faggots and perverts that are hunting us and our children.  They are INCREDIBLY dangerous because their quarry is SOULS.  Now, I know pretty much no one is going to actually do anything about this, and you all will continue to pay your cable and satellite fees, and watch your precious faggot teevee shows and movies, and send your kids and grandkids into the schools which are basically faggot indoctrination centers because, you know, someone might call you a bigot or a hater or something like that.  But, as has been the case for years now, this website is pretty much all about leaving a digital record that there were at least a few of us who saw and understood what was going on.

III.  So Prince died.  There is nothing like death to lay bare how truly far-gone Christian culture is today.  I have seen people saying over and over again, “Prince lives on in our memories.  As long as we remember him, he is still with us.” You’ve heard this too with regards to the dead.  This is pretty much standard rhetoric these days.  And it is proof of the mass apostasy and the new humanistic religion that is now called “Christianity”.  When people say that a person’s existence is contingent upon THEIR/OUR knowledge and remembrance of the dead person, that is basically saying that we are the authors of existence, and that other people exist not as independent subjects, but merely as objects in our mind. It is the deification of the self to claim that another person’s existence is contingent upon our memory of him.

Prince exists now and will continue to exist for all eternity, whether there are any human beings to remember him or not.  In fact, the vast, vast, vast majority of people who have ever lived are completely forgotten and unknown to people alive today. And yet every single human being still exists.  Where are they?  They are either in the Beatific Vision, aka The Church Triumphant, aka Heaven, OR they are in Purgatory on their way to Heaven, or they are in hell. Nowhere in that list is, “living on in someone’s mind.”

Now I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but all of the literature on Diabolical Narcissism agrees that DNs do not perceive or acknowledge the humanity of other people.  They view other people as 3-D cartoons at best, mere characters in the ongoing novel of their life whose only function is to advance the plot.  And so we see how deeply infected our culture is with Narcissistic tendencies and mindsets when people speak openly of the dead as if they were merely fictional characters, and so long as I say Prince is still alive in my mind, then Prince is still alive, because I am the author of reality and existence.

No, Prince Rogers Nelson is dead and has faced Jesus Christ and been judged.  And looking at Prince’s oeuvre, we should all tremble at the thought of that, and pray.  But no one is doing that, because people aren’t Christian anymore – they are narcissistic, self-worshiping humanists.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.