It's All Happening: "They shall cast their silver into the streets…"

Here is a man offering a 100 ounce bar of pure silver to people on the street IN FRONT OF A COIN SHOP for one dollar, then fifty cents, then twenty-five cents per ounce, then for effectively zero (offers to trade for one woman’s sunglasses) … and none of them have the least interest, EVEN AFTER BEING TOLD HOW MUCH IT IS WORTH, AND THAT THE COIN SHOP WOULD PAY THEM AT LEAST $1500 for the 100 ounce bar, cash on the barrelhead.

I highly recommend reading Ezekiel chapter 7 in full, but verse 19, “They shall cast their silver into the streets,” seems to be upon us.


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.