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Just a Reminder…

… for those of you, who are many by the looks of it, still trying to get your head around the latest and greatest heresies coming out of every nook and cranny, including the Vatican itself.

Within the past week we have Bergoglio giving YET ANOTHER interview  (I think this is number 5)  to the atheist Freemason Eugenio Scalfari in which he says that any divorced and remarried person who asks for the Eucharist will get it – which is heresy; co-communon between Catholics and Lutherans, which is so heretical that a new word will have to be invented to describe it; and the reportage that Our Savior parish in Manhattan, which is undergoing a “re-wreckovation” after the ouster of the excellent Fr. George Rutler who oversaw the re-decoration of the church after it had been destroyed in the iconoclasm of the 1970s, and made it possibly THE model of aesthetic repair in the world, is now hosting Hindu liturgical rites in which demons are worshiped and prayed to.  The sacrilege here is so enormous that the Our Savior church building itself now probably needs to be REDEDICATED.  It’s that bad.

And so, back to the TRUE PREMISE that explains all of this, and that people still refuse to acknowledge or even consider.

How can these priests, bishops and Bergoglio be doing these things?  How can they peddle sacrilege and heresy like this – day in, day out, week in, week out?

BECAUSE THEY DON’T ACTUALLY BELIEVE ANY OF THAT “BULLSHIT”. And by “bullshit”, they mean “Christianity”.

They don’t give a crap about the Eucharist because they DON’T BELIEVE IN THE EUCHARIST.

They don’t give a crap about God and His Holy Church or the Sacraments therein, or the Divine Law thereof because THEY DON’T BELIEVE IN ANY OF IT.

The don’t give a crap about pagans performing demon-worshipping rites in a Catholic Church with the Blessed Sacrament present because THEY DON’T BELIEVE IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, THE CONCEPT OF “TRUTH” or IN THE REAL PRESENCE OF JESUS CHRIST IN THE BLESSED SACRAMENT OF THE ALTAR.


All they care about is securing narcissistic gratification for themselves.

Narcissus, Nicolas Bernard Lepicie, ARSH 1771

Narcissus, Nicolas Bernard Lepicie, ARSH 1771

Quick check-in and great news

Sorry for the dearth of posts.  I have been very busy generally and, some may be pleased to know, doing quite a lot of research on my next full-length video presentation.  Yep.  It will probably be my last big video presentation, and the topic may be the most important I have yet tackled, and perhaps ties everything together. It will be titled, “Remember Lot’s Wife.” More on that soon.

But, I have some very, very good news.  I have long wanted to do something more for my benefactors, to whom my gratitude is incalculable.  We did the Novena of Masses in September, with a particular attachment to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which carries with it the grace of a holy, provided death.  That was great. And the last Mass for my Benefactors was offered on October 29th.

Now I have secured a commitment from an excellent priest to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass each and every MONDAY for you all, my munificent benefactors.  Every Monday.  If it is Monday, you know that the Holy and August Sacrifice of Calvary will be offered for you that day in the Gregorian Rite.  

We begin this coming Monday, so mark your calendars.

Holy Mass

MANPADs, Hillary, Benghazi, Chris Stevens and 224 Dead Russians

{UPDATE: Here are the two main types of Surface-to-Air Missiles that have high altitude capability, per inquiries:

SA-75 Dvina, Soviet design, introduced in 1957, range to 82,000 feet altitude.

*****2K12 Kub / SA-6 Gainful, Soviet design, introduced late 1950s, range to 45,000 feet altitude.  Highly portable, fast set-up time. Is well-known in the Middle East since the Yom Kippur War.}

Do I think ISIS (the New Caliphate) probably shot down that Russian jet?  Yeah. I sure do.

Let’s review.  The Washington DC regime since the Obama usurpation has had as its goal the reforming and developing of a New Caliphate to use as its mercenary army.  Obama’s ties to islam are myriad, well-known and too numerous to mention.  Hillary Clinton’s consigliere and probable lesbian sex partner, Huma Abedin, is the daughter of top Muslim Brotherhood leader Syed Abedin, AND her mother Saleha Abedin, is the head of the “Ladies Auxillary” of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Huma Abedin herself worked for the Muslim Brotherhood’s propaganda arm for years.

Libya, one of the more stable musloid states before the Obama usurpation, was intentionally destabilized by the U.S. working in concert with the Muslim Brotherhood in order to depose Ghadaffi and leave Libya in chaos so that the Washington DC regime could establish a beachhead/weapons depot in order to arm the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda. Anything and everything could have been delivered to the Caliphate through Benghazi – the situation in Libya was utter chaos, and nothing provides better cover and plausible deniability than chaos.

Ambassador Chris Stevens was a CIA operative whose primary function was the execution of this beachhead weapons depot smuggling operation.

One of the most tactically valuable munitions systems being run through Benghazi from the US to arm the New Caliphate were MANPADs.  Man-portable air defense systems.  These are guided, shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles.  And who knows what other missile systems they ran through Benghazi.

Chris Stevens, for whatever reason, was assassinated by his handlers in the White House. Clinton withdrew all of his security, tipped off the Muslim Brotherhood operating in Libya where he would be and his route, deployed a drone to provide a real-time video feed, and then directly ordered AFRICOM to stand down despite a distress call from a U.S. Ambassador carrying the same weight as a distress call from a 4-star general.  AFRICOM was not in a go-no go decision matrix.  A distress call from an ambassador is an automatic “go”, which can only be countervailed by a direct order from the White House.  As I wrote years ago, Stevens was just an “Expendable Faggot” who, one can only assume, knew too much, or had perhaps started to express hesitancy at the whole enterprise, and thus needed to be eliminated. And they watched his elimination in glorious, real-time high-def.

It is highly, highly probable that the Russian jetliner was shot down, and shot down with a missile system supplied to the New Caliphate by the Washington DC regime through the weapons depot at Benghazi in retaliation for Russia’s actions in Syria.

Kids, there is going to be one hell of a big-ass war between two competing evil axes, and the government that you all are paying taxes to is the leader of one of those evil axes.  I’m sorry, but this Lee Greenwood Pollyanna shit has got to stop.  That country no longer exists.

Like I have said before, this psychopathic bitch doesn’t just need to be NOT “elected” “President” of the kabuki theater evil clownshow in Washington; she needs to be arrested, tried for Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Peace, and upon conviction, be offered the sacraments and then put up against a wall and shot.  Her dead body should then be hoisted or hung for public display.

At this point, what difference does it make?

I dunno.  Ask the families of the Russian civilian tourists that were on that jet.  See if they can make you understand.