Cut the Crap: Unless "Racketeering" is a species of heresy, islam is NOT a "Christian heresy".

Time for a “Cut the Crap” post.

There is a lot of talk around the blogosphere about islam and its origins.  Many academics are debating if islam is a Christian heresy, and if so what flavor.  The consensus these days among the academic class is that islam emerged from Nestorianism.  You can read the definition of Nestorianism here, but sufficed to say that it has to do with Christ’s nature, and it is all wrong and wonky, teaching that the natures of Christ, human and divine, are loosely united at best if not totally disjoined.  And academics, eager to use big words and make everything as complicated and inaccessible as possible, are now clambering on the bandwagon to somehow tie this actual Christian heresy to islam.

And I have had enough of it, because it is simply stupid.

Islam is a criminal racket, pure and simple.  It was conceived by a cadre of warlords – I am skeptical that “mohammed” even existed – as a pure scam to muster an army, seize landmass and capital, both physical and human, assert political power, levy taxes and amass enormous wealth as oligarchs.  Oh, and also get as much freaky, perverted sex as the oligarchs wanted. Interestingly, the word “mohammed” was not only a proper name, but also an honorific title.  I suspect that these warlords fanned out and were called “mohammed” by their respective gestapo toadies as a title/honorific, and the name stuck and was used as the fake “biography” of “the prophet of islam” when it was written over 100 years later.  Then, stories were passed down throughout the Arabian peninsula of ancestors having seen “mohammed”, who was, in fact, just one of these numerous warlord oligarchs.

The warlord oligarchs – perhaps we should call them “the mohammeds” – drew on local pagan, Jewish and Christian themes and motifs in order to give their evil scam the whiff of legitimacy that comes with religion qua religion.  One of the key things they did was to “simplify”  three core revealed truths of Christianity, or mysteries, in order to appeal to the masses: they deny that God is Triune, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Because that’s HAAAAAAAARD.  Who can understand that? You don’t actually expect us to believe that bullshit, do you? (Sound familiar?) Next, as an obvious corollary to denying the Trinity, they deny the Incarnation of Jesus Christ as True God and True Man. Because that’s HAAAAAAAARD. Who can understand that?  You don’t actually expect us to believe that bullshit, do you? (Sound familiar?) And as a final corollary, they deny the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.  Because that’s HAAAAAAAARD. Who can understand that? You don’t actually expect us to believe that bullshit, do you? (Sound familiar?)

And then, kill everyone, especially the people of the book (Jews) and the idolators (Christians – the term “idolator” is a direct attack on the Eucharist).  But really, just kill everyone who doesn’t join up so that the oligarch warlords can seize those assets and landmass, and rape the cute ones.

It really is that simple.  To approach islam in a scholarly way as a development of an actual Christian heresy is utterly ridiculous.  It is like having a serious Catholic scholar dedicate his life to studying Mormonism or Scientology as “Christian heresies”.  Um, Mormonism and Scientology are pure, straight-up racketeering enterprises, founded by psychopathic arch criminals.  The absurdity of “studying” the “theology” of either racket cannot be quantified.  Both criminal enterprises were set up in order to amass money, power and sex for the upper-echelon oligarchs.  The pathetic attempts at religion are nothing more than a pose for the gullible – a facade so thin I describe it as sticking a piece of wet toilet paper to the wall.  Wet, DIRTY toilet paper. (Ew. Right?)

Also falling into this category, but inside the Church Itself, is the satanic cancer called “The Legionaries of Christ” and its arm, “Regnum Christi”.  Or as I refer to it, “The Evil Sex Cult”.  The Legion of Christ / Regnum Christi was founded, like islam, mormonism and Scientology by a psychopathic archcriminal named Marcial Maciel Degollado, who was a Mexican priest.  This piece of shit was a DRUG ADDICT BISEXUAL INCESTUOUS PEDOPHILE RAPIST.  Yeah.  He spent his entire life conning stupid, wealthy, oftentimes politically connected women out of their money (think John Edwards-Bunny Mellon), and screwing pretty much everything with a pulse, including his own children both male and female. He recruited other psychopaths into the oligarchy to share in his work of fleecing stupid and/or morally depraved rich and/or influential people with the promise of decadent living and unlimited sex (especially with pretty-boy seminarians!), while imprisoning and psychologically abusing thousands upon thousands of young people over the years in one of the most transparently obvious brainwashing cults of the last century – and the 20th century had some real doozies.  I could go on, but bottom line and a stern warning from me in these incredibly dark days in the Church, NEVER EVER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE LEGION OF CHRIST OR REGNUM CHRISTI. The whole evil mess should be suppressed, disbanded and liquidated, the empty shell burned to the ground, and then the earth where it stood should be salted and plowed.  And then, all of the kingpins should be arrested and tried under the RICO statutes (or local equivalent) and imprisoned. The fact that this cancerous crime syndicate operates INSIDE the Church makes the crime that much more severe.  Maciel used the complete legitimacy of The One True Church to imbue legitimacy upon his criminal cult – not merely coopting themes and motifs.  This is why he has been called perhaps the greatest ecclesiastical villain since Judas Iscariot. But back to the original iteration of the evil sex, power and money cult, islam.

To “study” islam as anything other than the criminal enterprise that it is and always has been is to give it a false legitimacy that does nothing to advance the REAL goal, which is its utter, complete extermination from the face of the earth, and as soon as possible.  We must stop this drive by the academia – especially the Christian academia trying to prove itself “ecumenical” and “tolerant”- to wallow in these ridiculous mental masturbations, and start calling this monstrosity for what it is – an obvious, transparent criminal racket AND NOTHING MORE.  If you want to study islam as a “heresy”, you will be engaging in something every bit as ridiculous as studying the “space alien gods” of Mormonism, the “space alien volcano ghosts” of Scientology, and the personal piety and sanctity of Marcial Maciel and his money and sex grubbing henchmen and their sordid, fetid “(bowel)Movement”.

Cut the crap.  Man up.  Quit trying to legitimize evil. Deal with obvious objective reality, because sweetie, sooner rather than later, obvious, objective reality is going to deal with you.






Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.