Trying a New Donation Platform and Benefactor Mass 4 of 9 Today

Since having my PayPal account swept last December by team Lois Lerner, I have been receiving donations only via snail mail to the address on the contact page – which is still valid, by the way.  But after the bakery that had the $135k fine levied against it for not baking the cake for the sodomites and their aping of the sacrament of marriage, I noticed that they had moved to a Christian-friendly donation service that does not involve PayPal, .

So, after hemming and hawing over it for months, and with my 6 month rent package on this parking spot expiring at the end of October, I thought we might try, for however long it lasts, the Big Orange Donation Button on the right sidebar – because I am either going to have to re-up here, or move on down the road.  But either way, something is going to have to happen.  Unfortunately, this donation platform requires a plastic card of some sort, but that’s pretty much the only non-PayPal and non-SnailMail solution.

And yes, I am still working at the place where I clean all the things, but far under minimum wage, which is fine.  My wage is just, and I freely choose to exchange my labor for that price. And in my situation, I am grateful for it.

In addition to requests about donations, I have also received inquiries about my Cornerstone Cattle Marketing DVD set.  Yes, it is still able to be purchased.  Send a check for $500 made out to Ann Barnhardt to the address on the contact page with “Cattle Marketing DVD” in the memo, and include your name and shipping address, and my order fulfillment elves will generally drop ship the next business day. Don’t be surprised if the check comes back to you endorsed over to another name.

Today is day 4 of 9 of our Novena of Masses for my benefactors; past, present and future.  The intention, centered around the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is for the grace of a happy, holy, provided death.

Be assured of my undying gratitude, and prayers.


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