The one about… How Justice Demands Inequality

(Originally penned and posted on June 25, ARSH 2010.  I have updated this to reflect the fact that  Pope Francis is a militant Marxist.  All updated/added text in red.)

As we have discussed earlier, the Marxist-Obamaists-NewFrancisChurchers are trying to overtake and manipulate the Church and the broad culture (some would say they already have) by using the term “Social Justice”. According to them, social justice involves EQUALITY. Equality of income, equality in housing, equality in lending, etc.

This is classic “Big Lie” tactics, hatched by the father of lies himself, satan. By co-opting the word “equal” from the Declaration of Independence, satan has spun this whole notion of equality as classic American morality. How could you possibly be against EQUALITY? The only people who are against EQUALITY are bigots and racists and evil, greedy, selfish people. America stands for equality! How can you be against justice? Justice is the American way! JUSTICE IS EQUALITY!

We have to be able to smack down these lies, and do it decisively. I’ll bet that most of you reading this right now for the first time couldn’t come back at some Marxist-Obamaist-NewFrancisChurcher freak that was screaming these things in your face and calling you a racist. Well, I’m here to help. This can be answered in THREE words:

Justice demands INEQUALITY.

Justice is the application of different outcomes based upon individual choice and/or performance.

If we both take a calculus exam and you are smart (or a hard worker) and score 92 out of 100 and I am stupid (or lazy) and score 40 out of 100, should we both get the same grade? Should we both get A’s? Should we both get F’s? Should we split the difference and both get C’s? NO. You should get an A, and I should get an F. This is justice. Unequal outcomes based on different performance.

Two men are tried for rape and murder. One man has DNA evidence linking him to the crime along with surveillance camera footage showing him committing the crime. The second man happened upon the scene and was an innocent bystander. Both the DNA and the video surveillance prove this. Should both men be convicted and imprisoned for life? Should both men go free? Should both men get a light sentence? NO. The guilty man should be imprisoned. The innocent man should go free. This is justice. Unequal outcomes based on different choices.

One person is a devout Catholic who has lived an imperfect life, yet endeavored to remain free of sin, received the sacraments frequently, always loved God deeply and trusted Him and His Mercy. This person dies in a state of friendship with Christ. Another person is an atheist who has lived a life of debauchery, cruelty, deception and violence. This person rejects God completely and dies in a state of prideful hatred of God and complete self-absorption. Should both enter heaven? Should both be cast into hell? Should both be merely snuffed out of existence? NO. The first person has chosen heaven. The second person has chosen hell. This is justice. Unequal outcomes based upon free choice and performance. This is the manifestation of God’s perfect love.

All men are CREATED equal. But God’s love made manifest in His perfect justice demands that all men be free to choose and thus experience and reap UNEQUAL outcomes. The Marxist-Communist-Obamaist-NewFrancisChurch lie is that a government of men can create a “utopia”, or heaven on earth, in which ALL MEN reap heaven regardless of their choices or performance. The reality is that the Marxist-Communist-Obamaists-NewFrancisChurchers can only deliver HELL ON EARTH, which is indeed suffered equally by the proletariat, while a purely material “faux-heaven” is reserved exclusively for the ruling class.

Don’t be afriad to proclaim that you stand for INEQUALITY. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied by ANYONE into believing the Big Lie that total equality persists BEYOND creation, most especially by CLERGY, even The Pope Himself. We are the Church Militant, and we must therefore FIGHT and stand boldly against all false teaching and Marxism in the Church and in the secular world. Evil is afoot in the House of the Lord and in our land. Stand firm and hold the line. If you don’t, no one else will.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.