March ARSH 2015 Benefactor Mass Set – March 19th! And Action Item: Rosary Against Modernism

1.  The March ARSH 2015 Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for my Benefactors will be on March 19th, which is the Feast of St. Joseph!  I thought it most fitting, considering the Novena we all did together last month to St. Joseph.  He did indeed find me a new parking spot for the Van, and while more expensive in absolute terms, it is an excellent value, and much closer to my job where I Clean All the Things.  I won’t miss the commute, such as it was.

I hope all is going well for youse guys, both supporters and enemies.  I pray for you every day, specifically that you make it to heaven, because in the end, that is really all that is going to matter.  The interim details I leave to God.

2.  Many people have asked about specific courses of action.  Let me re-post my list of action items:

1.) Media strike
2.) Education system strike (or, put another way, not engaging in child abuse by sending your kids to Marxist-Sodomite indoctrination centers.)
3.) Financial market strike
4.) Tax strike (Max out withholding (if not self-employed) and then don’t file.  DO NOT file a false return.)
5.) General strike
6.) Armed counter-revolution

Failure to engage in options one through five GUARANTEES the necessity of number six.  Sadly, that is where we are going.

3.  Of course, prayer and fasting are antecedents to the six points above.  Inspired by the tremendous number of folks who joined in my St. Joseph Novena last month, I have put together a special Rosary – the Sorrowful Mysteries – in Latin, for the “Crushing of and in Reparation for the Heresy of Modernism”, which I have been saying daily for a while now.  Modernism is the “synthesis of all heresies” as Pope St. Pius X called it, and it pretty much covers everything.  Pope Francis and all of the infiltrators of the Church are Modernists.  To the bone.  Here is a brief definition from the Wikipedia page:

The final overall teaching of Modernism is that dogmata (the teachings of the Church, which its members are required to believe) can evolve over time – not only in their expression but also in their substance – rather than remaining the same in substance for all time. This postulate was what made Modernism unique in the history of heresies in the Church. Previously, a heretic (someone who believed and taught something different from what the rest of the church believed) would either claim that he was right and the rest of the Church was wrong because he had received a new revelation from God, or that he had understood the true teaching of God which had previously been understood but was later lost. Both of these scenarios almost inevitably led to an organisational separation from the Church (schism) or the offender’s being ejected from it (excommunication). Using the new idea that doctrines evolve, it was possible for the modernist to believe that both the old teachings of the Church and his new, seemingly contradictory teachings were correct — each group had its time and place. This system allows almost any type of new belief which the modernist in question might wish to introduce, and for this reason Modernism was labelled by Pope Pius X as “the synthesis of all heresies”.

I recorded it, and here it is if you think my nasal, twangy butchering of the noble Latin language will help.


And here is the audio.

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