I've Been Through the Innerwebz on a Post with No Name

1.  The aberrosexual NFL washout Michael Sam “proposed” to the guy whose body he uses for masturbatory friction on the cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome – exactly, directly over the tomb of St. Peter.  Because there was no other place on the surface of the earth that these shameless sodomites could have mocked and aped the sacrament of marriage.  They had to do it whilst LITERALLY dancing on the grave of St. Peter.

Folks, the objective of these people and their satanic agenda is not, never has been, and never will be a “peaceful co-existence”.  The order of progression, once sodomites are given even the slightest quarter in a culture, is:
Tolerance, acceptance, ratification, cooperation, participation.

Now you might be asking, “How can they force people to PARTICIPATE?”

The actor Billy Crystal, who actually played the first open sodomite character on teevee on the creepy sitcom SOAP in the ’70s, said recently that he really doesn’t care to watch sodomite sex scenes on teevee and in movies and was attacked and “forced” to apologize.  Watching pornographic depictions of sodomite activity is a form of participation.  Crystal was “punished” for stating that he preferred not to participate.

2.  I recently posted a brief explanation of the fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary was, in fact, already married to St. Joseph when the Angel Gabriel appeared to her at the Annunciation, whereupon after she gave her fiat, Our Lord was incarnated in her womb by the power of the Holy Ghost.  This is so important because the evil infiltrators of the Church are going to push hard from here forward to destroy the sacrament of marriage and essentially attempt to abrogate the 6th Commandment in the minds of the people.  They’ve already started, and have already made tremendous progress.  Countless millions of souls have been permanently ratified in their mortal sins against the 6th Commandment by EXTREMELY HIGH RANKING prelates.  Others, knowing the truth, but shaken by the fact that it is EXTREMELY HIGH RANKING prelates who are doing this, are losing their faith and willingly leaving the Barque of Peter (more on that in a moment).  Well, here is Cardinal Burke’s excellent sermon on this subject.  Click over, read it, and then ponder the fact that Cardinal Burke is now the patron of a charitable order, “punished”, insulted and vilified for being a believing Roman Catholic.

3.  Just to go on record, I am now praying every day that Pope Francis be removed from office, in addition to praying for the salvation of his soul, and I say that here publicly without any qualms or hesitation.  The sheer quantity of damage he is doing to souls is unprecedented and I don’t see how a person who has the least concern for others (charity) can not be desirous of the soonest possible end to this ongoing catastrophe of a papacy.

4.  I was recently told that I was intellectually inconsistent in saying that there is a mere 36 hour news cycle today and that people forget current events, while at the same time claiming that Pope Francis’ rhetoric is doing permanent damage.  I stand foursquare behind my position.  People will indeed retain and remember when the Vicar of Christ ratifies them in their sin.  Call it “selective memory” or whatever you like.  Think about it.  If a teenaged boy goes to confession and confesses masturbation and Fr. Neopagan Jazzhands tells him that masturbation is NOT a sin, do you think the teenaged boy will EVER forget that?  Oh no.  Not a chance.  It’s off to the self-abuse races.  Do you think that all of these people who have been told by priests, either in the confessional or out, that the pill and contraception in general are not sinful and are even virtuous EVER forget that?  Not a chance.  Oh, we are all guilty of remembering with crystal clarity when other people confirm, ratify and encourage us in our sins.  And how much more magnified is this reality when it is the Pope of Rome who is winkingly feeding people these lies?  Further, Pope Francis’ horrific rhetoric is the “gift that keeps on giving”, because it will be used and cited by people as an appeal to authority literally until Our Lord returns in Glory.  Decades and perhaps centuries hence, people will say, “Well, Pope Francis said….”  I WISH the 36 hour rule applied to him.  But it doesn’t.  And that’s just reality.

5.  I do not think that Francis’ horrific rhetoric should be ignored, but rather explained, because what every one of his episodes provides is an opportunity for catechesis.  Even if just one or two people learn and have a lightbulb go on above their head when unpacking his staggering, malignant stupidity, it is worth it.  It is certainly better than nothing.  For example, when he was recently in the Philippines, a little girl asked him why God permits terrible things like child prostitution to happen.  And, of course, Francis, being dumb and apparently profoundly uncatechized in Catholicism, said, “She is the only one who has put forward a question for which there is no answer….”

Um, no.  The answer is because God Almighty, because He LOVES US, holds our wills SACRED and will not ever overcome our will or coerce us, because the second He does that, we are no longer subjects, but objects.  Plastic chessmen.  Love CANNOT be coerced.  It has to be freely given and freely returned, and that freedom includes the freedom to reject The Lover and to choose evil.  A third of the angels chose evil.  We choose evil with every sin.  And, paradoxically, it is precisely in that reality that we KNOW that we are loved more than we can ever, ever comprehend.

But now somewhere in the Philippines there is a little girl who thinks that God is an indifferent “divine watchmaker” and that the Church has no answer to her question, when in fact it is a children’s Penny Catechism 101 topic.

This is why I pray for God to remove Pope Francis from office.

6.  I’m hearing lots of people tell me that they are seriously thinking of leaving the Church because of Francis.  Lots of people are looking at the Eastern Orthodox, sedevacantist groups, or just ceasing to go to Mass.

And satan oinks and squeals with delight.

Here is what that tells me.  These people are lacking in what the protesters call “a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”.  They are in a mindset wherein Our Lord is not front-and-center, but rather His Church has been reduced to something akin to a political party, and He is just a mascot.  Yeah.  This is a big, big, big problem, even among traditionalists.  Why are you Catholic?  Why do you go to Mass?  The correct answer is:  BECAUSE JESUS.

It seems to me that Our Lord is using this as perhaps one last big sifting, or sorting, to see who REALLY gets it, who really loves Him personally and not as a mere philosophy or legal system, and is going to stick with Him. Again, I think the cancer analogy is very helpful here. If your wife was diagnosed with cancer, would you immediately move out? File for divorce? Because, hey, I didn’t marry someone with cancer, and therefore you are no longer the person I married, right? Nope. Stay in the boat. Because schism only breeds more schism. And besides, that’s exactly what they want you to do. They want you out, because if you’re out, well, for lack of a better phrase… YOU’RE OUT. It is going to be an absolute mess, and Our Lord says this repeatedly in scripture (sorting of sheep from goats, the sorting of the catch in the nets, the weeds growing among the crop, people crying out, “Lord, Lord” and being escorted to hell because “I never knew you”.) Also, we have Our Lady warning us of all of this repeatedly, Fatima and Quito being the two most prominent instances. Bottom line, none of this should be a surprise, and thus we should all be confirmed and “dug in”, with the thought of abandoning Our Lord, or really withdrawing from Him and His Church in any way, to be not just unthinkable, but in diametric opposition to the very circumstances and responses we have been anticipating and preparing ourselves for.

The remedy for this is simple, and Our Lord has told this to many, many approved mystics over the last 2000 years.  He says, again and again, “Think and pray about My Passion.”  Why?  Because the more we think about His Passion and what He went through, the more grounded we are in His Incarnation and Divine Personhood, and the more we realize how much He loves us.  When you think about His Agony in the Garden, His Scourging at the Pillar, the Crown of Thorns, the Carrying of the Cross, and His Crucifixion and Death on the Cross, the more you are faced and confronted with the fact that God is not just a “divine watchmaker”, but Personal, Incarnate and completely in love with you.  If you get your head around that even a little, and you understand that the Catholic Church is HIS CHURCH, which HE INSTITUTED, and is HIS MYSTICAL BODY and HIS BRIDE, and that HIS PHYSICAL SUBSTANTIAL PRESENCE is confected only at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass therein, then the thought of abandoning Our Lord and His ONE Church because of a staggeringly stupid South American Jesuit is as unthinkable as angrily severing a relationship with a parent, spouse or child because they were diagnosed with cancer.   What are you thinking??

Here is a post from a while back titled “Overshadowing Shoulders” describing the physical torture and agony that Our Lord suffered.  If Pope Francis or anyone else gets you thinking about leaving the Church, read this and I promise not only will those thoughts be put to flight, but you will be dug in even harder, ready to go to war for Our Sweet Lord.

7.  I read lots of comments from people bewailing liturgical abuses at Mass.  But you know what?  NO ONE EVER DOES ANYTHING.  All hat, no cattle, as we used to say back in the day.

I have an action suggestion.

When the liturgical dancers, or tango dancers, or prancing sodomites begin their performance, or when Fr. Jazzhands decides to “come out” during his homily, or sing showtunes or whatever, I would propose kneeling and singing “Tantum Ergo”.  Loudly.  English literal translation below.  The “old practice” and “new rite” is the Old Covenant and the New Covenant, not the Novus Ordo post-Vatican II paradigm, of course.

Hence so great a Sacrament
Let us venerate with heads bowed
And let the old practice
Give way to the new rite;
Let faith provide a supplement
For the failure of the senses.
To the Begetter and the Begotten,
Be praise and jubilation,
Hail, honour, virtue also,
And blessing too:
To the One proceeding from Both
Let there be equal praise.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.