Who Else Has the Stones to Say THIS…?

Someone asked me the other day what I would be doing now that the IRS has taken the whole PayPal thing off the table.  My reply was, “Mash the throttle.”

I’m going to mash the throttle now.

I saw a story about a twelve year old boy who recently murdered himself.  This boy behaved in extremely effeminate and flamboyant way, and was, by all appearances, an enthusiastic aspirant to the sodomite lifestyle.  He was teased a bit at school.  And I say “a bit” because by the sounds of it the majority of people not only tolerated his deviant behavior (yes, DEVIANT), but enthusiastically encouraged him in it.

This kid was TWELVE.

I would just like to say, just so it is on the record when years from now people are sifting through the rubble and ash of this godforsaken culture, that this boy’s parents, teachers, and so-called “friends” – but most especially his parents – have his blood all over their hands.  They failed him so profoundly that he murdered himself.  In what sense?

THEY DID NOT CORRECT AND PUNISH HIS DEVIANT BEHAVIOR.  In fact, they apparently bent over backwards to encourage their son to be an aspiring sodomite.  Who drove this boy to CHEERLEADING PRACTICE?  Who paid for CHEERLEADING lessons?  Who said, “yes” to his request to be a CHEERLEADER in the first place?  And don’t tell me that male cheerleaders in college are macho and that this kid was analogous to them.  Bull.  Those guys are POWERLIFTERS who figure out that they can hang out and get their hands literally ALL OVER  hot-bodied, scantily clad chickie-poos whilst showing off to the other dudes that they can do repeated 100 pound one-armed overhead presses.  This kid was monstrously, monstrously effeminate.  Not a libidinous heterosexual powerlifter, so don’t even try that.

Who indulged his hobby of fashion design?  Who took him to the fabric store and encouraged a hobby that TODAY is utterly saturated and defined by SODOMITES?  Who paid for the cable teevee that this YOUNG BOY sat in front of for the last twelve years, watching all of the satanic, sodomite-glorifying agitporn and allowing those seeds to be sown in his mind?

Do you realize, or for most of you REMEMBER, when fathers and mothers actually did their jobs and corrected and punished deviant, perverted behavior in their children instead of wallowing in it as they derived a twisted self-satisfaction in watching their own offspring psychologically and spiritually self-destruct?

Are any of you still able to comprehend the fact that schoolyard teasing for deviant, self-destructive behavior is actually a GOOD THING that keeps people from becoming self-destructive aberrosexuals? – but that’s redundant because aberrosexuality is by definition self-destructive.  You know why?  Because it is SIN.

Do we or do we not believe that sodomy IS A SIN, in fact, one of the sins that cry out to heaven for God’s vengeance?  DO YOU BELIEVE THAT OR NOT?  If you do, then to say that a parent should not only NOT aggressively correct and punish such wicked (yes, WICKED) behavior, but encourage and ratify all of the egregious signs of a child or young adult falling into the sodomite psychosis, which can only lead to misery, despair, and eventually hell, is self-contradicting nonsense.

That boy would be alive today had his parents DONE THEIR JOB and refused to indulge and facilitate their son’s obvious and profound bewitchment by the sodomite culture which they pumped to him via the family cable feed.  He would be alive today if at the first instance of him vying for attention by acting camp and feminine he had been given a good hard smack and sent to his room, with the stern, crystal clear warning that any further repetition of such wickedness would be punished swiftly and severely.

Barring supernatural intervention, prepare to see the percentage of the population that is sexually deviant skyrocket parabolically, because as the musloid culture proves beyond a shadow of a doubt with its sky-high rates of man-on-man and man-on-boy perversion, deviant sexuality CAN be inculcated with great “success”, and that is precisely the objective of both the education system and the media.  And the populace has been brainwashed into believing that happily sacrificing their own children to satan on the altar of aberrosexuality is the pinnacle of virtue and nobility.  Having an aberrosexual child is now a badge of honor, and when they murder themselves they are made saints, when the truth is probably exactly the opposite, not that anyone genuinely  cares or is bothered by the thought of that young man being lost for all eternity to hell.

And so the hue and cry today is that we must be MORE indulgent toward children who show aberrosexual behavior, when the truth is that such wicked behavior MUST be aggressively confronted and punished commensurate with the incredible gravity of the sin that it points to.  And if you don’t like that, or think that I’m “mean” or “embarrassing”, well, I find myself clean out of flips to give.

Christ, have mercy.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.