I… I think it might be … DEAD.

America.  The Constitutional Republic.  The RULE OF LAW.

I… I, I think it might be… DEAD.

I dunno.  It MIGHT be dead.  But I'm not sure.  If we can just pick up a few more seats in the Senate, or something...

I think it might be dead. Maybe.

Okay.  See that picture above?  That is called ALLEGORY.  ‘Merica, the Constitution and the Rule of Law is that dead carcass with its last remaining tendrils of jerky being eaten by a passing mongrel with y’all standing there looking all shocked and perplexed.  Now, I’m just going to vent a bit, here.  There are a handful of people, like me, who were jumping up and down screaming while the body was still alive and its life could have been saved.  And y’all looked, and were entertained (especially by me, ’cause I know how to hold a room), but did not take any of what was said the least bit seriously, and probably still don’t.  We called ALL. OF. THIS.  And we called it six-plus years ago.  So, please understand that while other “pundits” are energized by these events and now have a whole new rhetorical world open to them, I am pretty much sickened at the thought of writing one more word about it, because, well, let the dead bury the dead.

But then I remember that burying the dead is one of the corporal works of mercy.

So, hand me the damn shovel, I guess.

2.  So, I guess I can go over, again, why it is that “little things” matter with regard to the Rule of Law.  You know, “little things”, like whether or not a person can produce a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.  Or is eligible under Article II Section I of the Constitution to even hold the office of POTUS.  I know that many of you have been browbeaten and “peer pressured” into hating anyone who brings up Obama’s obvious, glaring identity problems, Constitutional ineligibility, and most especially the obviously fabricated and poorly-photoshopped birth certificate of spring 2011 infamy.  You have been conditioned to have a visceral reaction of hatred to anyone who discusses this as being akin to 9/11 truthers or jet contrail whack jobs.  Well played, y’all.  Well played.  By lumping people who were frantically trying to sound the alarm on Obama’s identity and ineligibility, PRECISELY BECAUSE OF THE COROLLARY DESTRUCTIVE IMPLICATIONS TO THE RULE OF LAW AND EQUAL PROTECTION THEREUNDER, into the Alex Jones/David Icke camp, that the entire question could be and was utterly buried.  Mission accomplished.  Well played.  You win.

Why were we screaming?  Why were we so insistent that the whole identity question and lack of eligibility mattered so much?  Because we knew then, and we stand vindicated now in the objective fact that if “We The People” just “let it go” that an openly ineligible man usurped the office of POTUS and CIC, a man who COULD NOT AND WOULD NOT PRODUCE HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and then later passed an obvious fake, that the end result would be nothing less than the total dissolution of the Constitutional Republic itself.  Quickly.  Why?  Because the Rule of Law and Equal Protection thereunder DIED, and by mathematical definition the Constitutional Republic died with it, the day such a man was allowed to usurp and install himself in the White House.  I ask you, how can you possibly, possibly have a functioning Constitutional Republic with NO RULE OF LAW?  It is such a simple, simple truth, and yet it seems that it is completely incomprehensible to the vast majority of people today.

And that’s just Obama.  MF Global was the same song, second verse.  MF Global was yet another open declaration that the Rule of Law and Equal Protection thereunder was DEAD.  And it was blown off completely.

There have been so many confirmations of the dissolving of the Rule of Law over the last six-plus years that it literally makes me sick to think about listing them here.  And each was observed, like a perverse form of entertainment.  Frowny faces were made.  Hands were wrung.  Facebook posts were “liked”.  Millions of fundraising emails were sent, and billions of dollars were raised to “fight it”.  And then it was all forgotten within hours.  And even now, Obama’s amnesty and the utter capitulation to it is … fading from memory.  Because a couple more of Dr. Huxtable’s RAPE VICTIMS came forward today. And football.  And Kim Kardashian’s butt.  And mah show be on. Man, if only Sheldon Cooper could marry Lady Mary.  Then life would be pretty much perfect….

3.  So, in case you have noticed, let me just confirm that YES, there are some pretty striking similarities between Obama and Pope Francis.  With regards to this post, let’s focus in on how both are all about acquiring personal power and popular appeal by destroying the Rule of Law.  Now, Francis is by no means the first in the Church to attack the Rule of Law.  It is just that he is so open and flagrant about it.  His toadies have said repeatedly that they have no intention of “formally changing” doctrine, only changing the enforcement, or praxis.  Well, if you apply two brain cycles to this, you realize that what they are saying is precisely this:  It is our intention and goal to collapse the Rule of Law within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Because that is what “ignoring the law” is.  And as we all know, anarchy always leads to tyranny, and in the secular realm, tyranny leads to mountains of dead bodies.  More terrifyingly, in the realm of the Church, it leads to countless souls being lost to hell.

And this is why, a year and a half ago, when Pope Francis failed to genuflect at the consecration of the Eucharist at his installation Mass, I immediately called out the warning.  He was telling the world right then that “the rules would not be observed”, and that NOT “every knee shall bow…” Little things point to big things.  See Point 2 above.  To deny this is pure childish delusion.

4.  Which leads us to tactics.  I’m sure I have written this somewhere before, but let’s go over it again.  The reason the enemies in both the secular world and in the Church are steamrolling over everyone and everything in their path is NOT because they are super-geniuses.  It is simply because they are BOLD.  They act.  They execute.  So, Pope Francis goes out and says, “Who am I to judge?” and the entire planet takes that as an abrogation of the 6th Commandment.  And then we are over here trying to formulate some hyper-convoluted “explanation” of it that NOBODY WILL EVER HEAR, MUCH LESS UNDERSTAND.  And, now, until the actual end of the world, the words of Pope Francis and his toadies as they continue their cacophony of croaking, whether they be Jesuitically dancing the line of heresy, or outright heresy itself, will be used as a justification and ratification of sin NO MATTER WHAT.  Let’s say Bergoglio dies tonight and the next Pope is Gregory XVII (which means super-duper conservative and manly).  It won’t matter, because now, forever, until the Our Lord returns in glory, the words of Francis will be used to OVERRIDE the Truth and the authentic teaching of the Church.  “Well Pope Francis said it was okay….”

Game, set and match. Once you let the Rule of Law get away, it requires a war to get it back.  In the context of the former United States, and probably a goodly portion of the earth, we are talking about a hot counter-revolution.  In terms of the Church, we are talking about a spiritual war, and let me just hasten to point out that there have been hot wars to defend the Church as well.  Don’t forget that.

5.  Finally, yes, I believe that the discussion about deposing Pope Francis Bergoglio is a necessary and mature one, just as I wrote and spoke openly and prolifically early on about the need to remove Obama.  This possibility and eventuality was foreseen and written about at length by great doctors and men of the Church.  If the entire notion or possibility of a heretic Pope is impossible and sinful to even entertain, then why in the world did St. Thomas Aquinas, John of St. Thomas, St. Robert Bellarmine, Cajetan, Suarez and over a hundred others all write on the question, and why is there near-perfect agreement that an heretical pope not only should be deposed, but MUST be?  CITATION HERE.

Do I think this will happen?  Oh no.  Good heavens, no.  The men who should be leading the way on this are terrified of their own shadows.

Oh, we can maybe say one thing, sotto voce, in private, but to PUBLICLY declare one’s ACTUAL position?  Oh, my dear, it simply isn’t done.  How gauche.  “Let your yes be yes and your no be no?”  Well, I have a career and social circle to think about.  One can’t go about burning bridges with the flames of immoderation.  Come, come now.  We must retrench, lay low, and be more clever and appealing to the world in our arguments.

Meanwhile, every single day, human souls are lost to hell because no one cared enough to stand up for the Truth, and its derivative, the Rule of Law.  Nobody can be bothered.

And if the absence of the Rule of Law has such profound supernatural consequences, how could we expect to have the Rule of Law destroyed in the secular realm and not have catastrophic negative earthly consequences?

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.