Beanie-Weenie and Keystone Light

1.  Someone suggested that I make an “Ann’s Recipe Box” page.  I agree.  I will put this on my to-do list.  But the thickest chapter will probably be the mixed drinks chapter.  Ah well.  All the cool kids drink in moderation, and like good food.  Including Our Blessed Lord and Savior.  Wedding at Cana (Whoa!  Y’all were totally sandbagging on the good stuff!  Right ON!), and of course, the post-resurrection breakfast fry-up (Jesus saith to them: Come, and dine. John 21:12)  Always keep some good wine around, and also something to eat.  If Our Lord returns in glory any time soon, after all of the smiting He is going to have to do, I dare say He is going to be hungry, if scriptural precedent is any indicator.  Assuming that we ourselves are not in the smite-age, we don’t want to be serving Him Beanie-Weenie and Keystone Light.

2.  There is a movie out now, another installment in the Planet of the Apes chain, “Dances With Monkeys”, in which the computer animation of the apes is simply stunning.  It occurred to me that very shortly, human actors will no longer be needed – maybe just a handful of people who provide templates for close-up, highly emotional facial expressions.  But be warned.  Where this will lead is to the production of extremely horrific images and scenes – rapes, murders, etc., which will all be branded as “okay since no actual people were involved”.  This is already happening with video games.  It will move into cinema and TV next.  In a culture that already denies objective reality, this tool will utterly deaden people’s consciences.  Be forewarned.  Stay in the real world.  And do everything you can to keep your children and grandchildren in the real world.

3.   Many thanks for all of the feedback on the repost of the Bernardin-Alinsky-Obama Nexus piece, including from Miss Judi McLeod herself.  Also, I received a lovely email from a very important lady.  If you read up on Bernardin and his history, you will read about the eleven year old girl that he raped (with Bishop John J. Russell as the “main celebrant”) at the satanic “black mass” back in ARSH 1957.  That little girl is referred to as “Agnes”.  Well, “Agnes” emailed me and corrected me on a mis-statement that I made.  Bishop John J. Russell agreed on his deathbed to testify in Agnes’ suit against Bernardin, which never came to fruition due to Russell’s death.  I had confused Agnes’ case with the case of the male seminarian that Bernardin raped, Steven Cook.  Cook simply dropped his case without recanting or denying the original charges he had made against Bernardin.  You do the math on that one.  It probably involves six if not seven figures.  “Agnes” never left the Church.  She never confused Our Blessed Lord with the Judases and demons.  I would strongly urge one and all to think long and hard on this, because conflating Our Lord with the cancer that is ravaging His Bride is a very common problem today.  If “Agnes”, after being raped by her bishop and her priest in a satanic ceremony, and then forced to consume a nauseatingly defiled Host immediately after, can make this distinction, then none of us have any excuse.

4.  This was the follow-up to the original posting of the Bernardin piece back in July of ARSH 2012:

“Well, this pretty much sums it up.”

Argue with this all you Catholic clergy and laity who question my methods:

I have been tearing myself up about converting to the Catholic faith out of a shallow and worldly evangelicalism. After reading your essays on Bernardin and Alinsky, I am convinced that God is calling His people to renewal and repentance. I can’t see any other reason to convert. If you would have asked me a few years ago, I would have laughed at the very notion, but I believe we must cry out as one body for the Holy Spirit to renew us, to cause us to repent and to stand against Satan.

Much love to you,

Isn’t that interesting. This person is called to conversion because she was told the ugly truth about the situation in the Church. The Truth, no matter how unpleasant, is still the Truth, which is Jesus Christ, who is in Himself Objective Beauty. So, the reality of a Church infested with Marxist-homosexualists, by the grace of God, can actually be a means of saving souls.

It’s a paradox, gentlemen. Like Christ Crucified, the most horrible thing to ever, ever happen was made by God into the ultimate triumph. The Church today is the image of Christ Crucified. Proclaim His death, and share in His resurrection. Tell the world exactly what has happened over the last 50 years – forthrightly and holding nothing back, and then you just watch what happens.

5.  As the Francis pontificate grinds on, with seemingly each day bringing some double-face palm horror, it seems to me that Our Lord is using this as perhaps one last big sifting, or sorting, to see who REALLY gets it, who really loves Him personally and not as a mere philosophy or legal system, and is going to stick with Him.  Again, I think the cancer analogy is very helpful here.  If your wife was diagnosed with cancer, would you immediately move out?  File for divorce?  Because, hey, I didn’t marry someone with cancer, and therefore you are no longer the person I married, right?  Nope.  Stay in the boat.  Because schism only breeds more schism. And besides, that’s exactly what they want you to do.  They want you out, because if you’re out, well, for lack of a better phrase… YOU’RE OUT.   It is going to be an absolute mess, and Our Lord says this repeatedly in scripture (sorting of sheep from goats, the sorting of the catch in the nets, the weeds growing among the crop, people crying out, “Lord, Lord” and being escorted to hell because “I never knew you”.)  Also, we have Our Lady warning us of all of this repeatedly, Fatima and Quito being the two most prominent instances.  Bottom line, none of this should be a surprise, and thus we should all be confirmed and “dug in”, with the thought of abandoning Our Lord, or really withdrawing from Him and His Church in any way, to be not just unthinkable, but in diametric opposition to the very circumstances and responses we have been anticipating and preparing ourselves for.

6.  And yes, the “I never knew you” line is totally a reference to the Eucharist and its nuptial quality.  Of course it is.

7.  Hey you want to purge the Church of nearly all Marxist-sodomite priests and bishops in one easy step?  Make them turn around and celebrate the Mass facing God, not facing the “audience”.  I’m telling you, the Marxists and pervs would schism and abandon the Church so fast your heads would spin.  Now, this isn’t going to happen, BUT If you’re looking for a way to size up a priest or bishop quickly, simply ask him if he would say the Mass facing Our Lord in the Tabernacle.  The vast, vast majority would flatly refuse to do it.  Because for them, it is all about ME ME ME.

8.  I also received an email from a guy who was confirmed by Bernardin back in the day.  He said the only thing any of them remembered about the Mass was how super-creepy Bernardin was.  Of course, “super-creepy” is how children process and describe sodomites, both male and female.  But this brings up a point about the heresy of Donatism, which is alive and well today.  Donatism basically says that the state of the soul of the priest affects the validity of the sacraments he performs.  WRONG.  100% wrong.  First, we’re ALL sinners, so if the validity of a sacrament was tied to the soul of the priest, there would be no valid sacraments performed ever, anywhere.  If you want to talk about God’s infinite mercy, here it is.  Bernardin’s Masses, so long as they were said properly, were valid.  As was the confirmation of the fellow who emailed me.  There are people who were married by sodomite priests who raped teenaged boys, and these couples, when they found out about the priests, doubted that their marriages were valid.  YES, those marriages are absolutely valid.  How in the world would it make sense for Our Lord to hold lay people responsible so as to WITHDRAW HIMSELF from those truly seeking Him because of the sins of the priest, which were unknowable at the time to the people?  What about priests who keep concubines?  Those priests are in mortal sin more often than not, while saying Mass.  The effects on the souls of the priests offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass while in mortal sin are horrific and real – as they are for ANYONE who receives the Eucharist whilst in mortal sin.  This is why St. Paul warns so strongly against receiving the Eucharist unworthily in 1 Corinthians 11 – because as Voltaire told his student, the quickest way to extinguish faith and deaden the conscience is to receive Our Lord in mortal sin.  But no matter how unworthy the priest may be, those consequences are justly limited to him, NOT unjustly applied to the recipients of the sacraments he confects.  God is not an irrational, arbitrary tyrant.  He is perfectly just, and perfectly rational, and He loves us and will allow a satan-worshiping sodomite like Bernardin to call Him down onto the altar in his hands – so He can be with us.  Get your mind around that and you have officially pondered the first drop in the ocean of His Mercy and Love for us.

9.  This paraphrased from a clever reader:

In Roman times, the Christian martyrs were resisting the State and saying, “I don’t care what happens to me.”

The modern “Christian” acquiesces to the State and says, “I don’t care what happens to me.”


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.