Repost from July ARSH 2011 on the Mexican Border

(This was an interesting re-read for me.  It was written in July ARSH 2011 within the context of Fast & Furious (remember that?).  We now know that the Obama regime, knowing full-well that it operates completely outside the Constitution old U.S. Code, can do ANYTHING with zero threat or risk of any law enforcement, and thus simply issued a command which effectively dissolved the border with Mexico.  But the points about drugs and the drug culture still hold and merit revisiting.  The bolded points are my contemporary emphases.)  

The Obama regime wants to effectively dissolve the U.S.-Mexican border. An overthrow of the Cartels would accomplish this. Mexican refugees would flood into the United States. The U.S. would refuse to acknowledge the Cartel regime as a legitimate government. The U.N. and other illegitimate criminal syndicates operating as diplomatic fronts would immediately call for the U.S. to accept all Mexican refugees. Because the Mexican government would no longer be legitimate, and essentially would not exist, there would be no way to deport ANY Mexican nationals inside the U.S., because there would be no government in Mexico to hand them back to lawfully. So, we would have:

1. Completely open borders
2. MILLIONS of refugees streaming into the U.S.
3. Global insistence that the U.S. accept these refugees
4. Instant de facto amnesty for Mexicans in the U.S.
5. Obama cast as savior of these Mexican refugees
6. Millions of new welfare-dependent Obama voters
7. A lawless Mexico, wide-open to unlimited muslim and Chinese staging

Now a word about drugs. I know that there are many libertarians reading this website who think that legalizing drugs is the solution to everything. It sure is, if you’re one of the key oligarchs. If you will indulge me for a moment, I’m going to leave the current chess board and try to think five or six moves ahead. The Cartels overthrow Mexico. The border dissolves and Obama gets his millions of welfare-recipient voters. The Obama regime, which we know is just a front for this oligarchy, legalizes drugs. George Soros is pretty much the money behind the entire drug legalization movement. Legalizing drugs in the U.S. would instantly undercut and defund the Cartels, thus allowing the oligarchy to install a handpicked puppet in Mexico City. And we’re now well on our way to piecing together the new global empire. Central and South America could be rolled easily by the oligarchy, most especially with the military of the former United States now at their disposal, which I hasten to remind you is still, by far, the most powerful military not only on the planet, but in the history of the planet by orders of magnitude.

Soros, and all Marxist-Communist tyrants, are big fans of drugs because drugs keep the rabble (that’s us) dumb, compliant, desperate and dependant on the state. Soros, Jarrett, Obama, Holder, The Clinton Machine, Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Graham, Ayers, Sunstein, Piven and all the rest would love nothing more than for the entire American populace to come home every night from a long day at the welfare office, bread line, and drug dispensary, smoke a joint or a blunt, plop down on the sofa and sit transfixed by pornography, circuses and/or state propaganda. This is how the Soviet Union operated except with alcohol. There may not have been food or toilet paper at times in the Soviet Union, but MIRACULOUSLY the vodka would always manage to appear. This basically eliminated the threat of the male populace to the state. It also acted as a silent genocide by causing dramatic increases in early death AND dramatically decreased fertility rates when coupled with state-provided abortion-on-demand. In case you weren’t aware, Russia’s population today is imploding.

This is what the Marxist-Obamaist cabal wants the U.S. to look like, and in order to achieve that goal, they need to be THE drug cartel. So, back to our original thesis. They would facilitate the Cartels’ overthrow of Mexico by running guns and other high-powered weapons to them via Fast & Furious, which would give the Marxist-Obamaist machine permanent power by destabilizing the U.S. and stacking the American electorate, and would also position them to then eventually undercut the Cartels, seize and nationalize the North American drug trade for themselves, and then drug the populace into numbness, compliance, early death and mechanical infertility.

And no, I do not think that alcohol should be illegal. I can drink a given quantity of alcohol and not get drunk. And I do, not infrequently, and I appreciate the flavor of the alcohol as I do other foodstuffs. A person can not smoke a joint and NOT get stoned. A person can not snort cocaine and NOT get high. A person can not inject heroin and NOT get wasted. The only purpose drugs have is the dramatic alteration of a human’s psychological state, and that alteration reduces the ability to think critically and rationally, numbs the person to their surroundings, induces extreme selfishness and inhibits the ability to love. This is the Marxist definition of “the perfect man”. No, check that. Under tyranny, the perfect man is the dead man – but the stoned man is the next best thing.


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